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BOKA School Layout Construction Ideas

Mar 11, 2019

The laboratory is an important part of school construction. It is a place to ensure the implementation of the syllabus, the students' initial scientific experiment ability, production test skills and scientific and technological activities. Therefore, it is of great significance to create a good environment for educating the laboratory. Regardless of whether the school has been built or is in the process of creating a laboratory, the laboratory environment should be emphasized. The environmental layout of the laboratory should follow the following principles and requirements:

lab furniture-08

1, the layout should be beautiful and generous

A beautiful and comfortable environment is an important factor in attracting students and improving students' interest in experiments. Therefore, the house selected in the planning of the laboratory should be the best quality. If it is a new experimental building, consider its appearance and internal structure. When constructing, try to make the interior and exterior of the laboratory beautiful.

2, to be conducive to the maintenance of the instrument and the use of dust is one of the basic requirements for the maintenance of equipment.

For this reason, curtains should be hung in the laboratory and attached rooms, and the fabric should be dark and thick. The concrete floor should be painted with floor paint to reduce the intrusion of external dust and the flow of indoor air, which is good for cleaning the ground. At the same time, hanging curtains is also necessary for the arrangement of darkrooms during optical experiments and for the protection of certain instruments and medicines in the drug and drug rooms. In order to reduce the students' shoes to bring the sediment into the laboratory, students should be required to change the scales into the laboratory. The school should add slippers and put them in the proper position.

Each laboratory table should be equipped with a “waste box” and a rag. The “waste box” can be made with Coca-Cola bottles, and the raw materials should be uniform. After using the match sticks and other small wastes, you can't throw them away and put them in the “waste box”. The rag is used to clean the table and stool. After use, it is hung in the hidden place of the test table. The "waste box" can be placed in the drawer of the experiment table or on the shelf.

3, the laboratory should be full of scientific atmosphere

Unlike ordinary classrooms, the laboratory is a place to cultivate the quality of students. Therefore, its layout must be filled with a strong scientific atmosphere.

4, the layout must have a serious atmosphere

Science is serious. The laboratory is not a place for students to play and play, so there must be certain rules and regulations to restrict. In the laboratory and in the attached houses, the rules and regulations for the unified printing of the city station should be suspended (6 in total):

The Student Experiment Rules are hanged on one side of the blackboard in front of the laboratory;

The other five are hoisted in the appropriate position in the lab preparation room. The school without the preparation room can be hung above the instrument room preparation table or other suitable location for reading. The six printing systems are all suspended by glass frames.

5, to clean the environment around the laboratory

If the environment of the laboratory itself is very good, but the surrounding environment is messy, then the laboratory will be eclipsed, so it is necessary to clean the inside and outside of the laboratory frequently, keep the outdoor clean, and the outdoor corridors and surrounding areas can not be messed up. Things, but also do a good job of greening and beautification, a little more flowers and trees, more fresh air; the laboratory is part of the school campus, it is also a "window" of the school, from its environment, can reflect a school The level of internal construction and management. Therefore, the school not only needs to add and equip the facilities of the laboratory, but also pay attention to the environmental layout of the laboratory and the ancillary buildings. Under the premise of following the above principles and requirements, we must use our brains to create our own characteristics, so that teachers and students can feel warm and comfortable and full of scientific atmosphere when they enter the laboratory.