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BOKA Talks About Electrical Design Cognition

Oct 23, 2018

BOKA has no creations, and only some high standards and rigorous work. Although the electrical design is not as colorful as the art design, it is relatively less than a lot of interpersonal relationships. Building electrical design work is simply based on professional knowledge, using electrical energy, electrical equipment and electrical technology as a means to create, maintain, improve and beautify a limited space and environment based on safety, economy and energy conservation. .

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Electrical equipment, especially weak electrical equipment, is changing with each passing day. As people's requirements for the built environment gradually increase, it also means that electrical equipment needs to constantly grasp new means to achieve new functions. Compared with other majors, the content of learning and the content of work are not small. In addition, there is no systematic learning process, which makes it difficult to get started.

Based on our many years of experience, we simply divide the electrical design into two major pieces: drawings, communication.

The drawing part is the main focus of the work and can also be considered as the core part of the technology. Drawings are the basis of work. The functions that are implemented according to the needs of the work are different. The focus of the drawings will be different. It will not be listed here.

Communication is the premise and an integral part of the electrical drawings that accurately fulfill the customer's needs. Communication with construction units, owners, equipment manufacturers, related functional departments, consulting management companies and professional companies is to better assist you in completing drawings more efficiently and accurately.

Wallebo divides electrical design into 6 major parts

Hard work and hard work

Look at and imitate the previous electrical drawings and get a general idea of what you are doing.

2. Familiar with industry standard specifications

Mainly to look at: civil regulations, fire codes, high-rise fire codes, lighting standards, lightning protection specifications, low-voltage power distribution specifications, power supply and distribution specifications, fire alarm specifications, and so on.

3. Understand the implementation guidelines for technical measures and civil regulations

4. Understand related icons and atlas

Icon Atlas, Electrical Practice Teaching and Trainee Engineering Atlas, Common Graphic and Text Symbols for Architectural Electrical Engineering Design, Depth Patterns, Building Electrical Common Data, Electrical Design and Construction, Others have come across. The first one is very practical for you, especially for designers who don't have training materials. The last one is a collection that basically covers your work. Looking at the atlas can help you understand abstract specification terms and engineering practices.

5. Combination of theory and practice

Have the opportunity to see more on-site construction sites, and actively participate in the company's training will also benefit you.

6. Learn to communicate

The group activities organized by the company must actively participate. If it can become the pistachio of colleagues, whether it is professional internal or cross-professional cooperation will become extremely easy, and vice versa.

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