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BOKA Will Discuss The Aseptic Operation Laboratory Design With You

Mar 13, 2019

We know that the requirements for the design of the sterile room laboratory are very high, so what is the design requirement standard for the sterile room? Let's discuss it with everyone!

(1) Aseptic room layout

The entire layout design of the laboratory is based on the principle of clearing and diverting and diverting people to avoid cross-contamination. The clean room is designed with two clean channels: one is a flow channel for the experimenter to enter and exit with a small amount of items into the passage; the other is a logistics channel to transport the experimental supplies. A contaminated passage that transports waste after the completion of the experiment. The logistics channel is a buffer room with a cleanliness of 100,000 and 10,000: the flow channel is a 100,000-level buffer room, a dressing room and a shower room.

(2) Sterile room materials

The partition of the sterile room and the ceiling are made of new building materials color steel sandwich panels. The material is fireproof, soundproof, heat-insulating, corrosion-resistant, water-vapor resistant, easy to clean, completely solve the ordinary clean room with tiles, latex paint, paint, etc. for wall surface, easy to mold, dust, peeling, difficult to clean, etc. problem. The floor of the sterile room is self-leveling with epoxy resin, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to clean.

lab furniture-09

(3) Clean room purification

The entire sterile room uses an advanced laminar flow purification system to ensure constant temperature, constant humidity, fresh air volume and cleanliness requirements. The system filters the dust particles of different particle sizes in the air through three kinds of coarse, medium and high-efficiency filter membranes, so that the dust particles do not enter the laboratory, so that the microorganisms attached to the dust particles, including bacteria and molds. It can not pollute the laboratory; the airflow structure from the top air supply and the lower side return air can ensure the cleanliness and save energy; the room with high and low cleanliness level maintains a certain positive pressure difference, preventing the space with low cleanliness. High-purity clean room; install UV light; when working, the air shower blows off some dust attached to the overalls and sample packaging, and the transfer window delivers clean laboratory supplies. These designs can meet the clean room requirements. .

At the same time, the fresh air volume is designed according to 40 m3/person.h, and the fresh air volume can meet the needs of personnel, completely solving the problems that the traditional clean room can not replace fresh clean air and poor working environment.

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