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Brief Description And Principle Of Dust Detector

Aug 03, 2018

Brief description and principle of dust detector


The dust detector is mainly used to detect the dust concentration in the environment. At present, the requirements for living and living environment are getting higher and higher, and the sales volume of the dust detector is also increasing sharply. The industry is also being valued by more and more people.


The working principle of the dust detector is mainly the microcomputer laser principle and the electrostatic AC induction principle.


Microcomputer laser principle:


When the light is irradiated on the particles suspended in the air, scattered light is generated. Under the condition that the properties of the particles are constant, the scattered light intensity of the particles is proportional to the mass concentration. By measuring the intensity of the scattered light, the mass concentration conversion coefficient K is applied to determine the mass concentration of the particles.


Electrostatic AC induction principle:


Signals are generated by dynamic charge sensing between the probe and the probe as it flows through the probe. The AC electrostatic technique monitors the standard deviation of the charge signal to determine the amount of disturbance of the AC signal and determines the amount of dust emissions by the amount of instantaneous disturbance.