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Buy Lab Furniture Precautions And How To Use It

Jul 01, 2017

Buy Lab Furniture precautions and how to use it
Lab Furniture series is widely used in medical and health, electronics, pharmaceutical, biological, food, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and veterinary, inspection and quarantine, automobile manufacturing, precision instruments, universities and scientific research institutions in the domestic and Southeast Asian markets enjoy a very high reputation.

Lab Furniture is a safety device widely used in scientific research, teaching, clinical testing and production in microbiology, biomedicine, gene recombination, animal experiments, and biological products. It is also a protective barrier in laboratory biosafety The most basic security equipment.
Lab Furniture functions, use, structure, exhaust system and / or gas supply system (efficient particle air filter), as well as laboratory selection of Lab Furniture, basic principles, installation principles and requirements, laboratory procedures, routine maintenance requirements And so on. This content is the actual use and operation of Lab Furniture must master the knowledge.
Most laboratory staff are very knowledgeable about the performance, selection, operation and maintenance of Lab Furniture, and often confuse both Lab Furniture and clean bench. In fact, there is a fundamental difference between the two, the Lab Furniture is a negative pressure purification table, the correct operation of Lab Furniture, can completely protect the staff, the sample and prevent the occurrence of cross-contamination; The workbench is just a clean bench that protects the object without protecting the staff and the lab environment. Therefore, in the microbiology and biomedical research, teaching, clinical testing and production, should choose and use Lab Furniture, and can not choose and use clean bench.

Standard requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, labels and instructions for the use of various terms and definitions, classification, design, structure and performance used in Lab Furniture design, production and inspection validation, testing, transport and storage requirements, testing Verification methods, testing equipment selection and calibration, product testing requirements, on-site inspection requirements.
Selection of Lab Furniture Laboratory safety equipment (BSCs) is used to protect the operator's own, laboratory environment, and laboratory materials when it is an infectious test material for the operation of primary cultures, strains and diagnostic specimens. The test material is designed to avoid exposure to infectious aerosols and spills that may be generated during the operation described above.
The WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual suggests that Lab Furniture can effectively reduce laboratory infections and cross-contamination caused by aerosol exposure. Lab Furniture also protects the working environment.
In fact, Lab Furniture is more focused on protecting the operator and the environment, preventing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms from causing personal injury and environmental pollution.
According to the level of biosafety protection, Lab Furniture can be divided into three levels, two and three. Level 1 Lab Furniture protects the staff and the environment without protecting the sample. The principle of air flow and laboratory fume hood is basically the same, the difference is that the exhaust port is equipped with HEPA filter, the external exhaust filter and thus prevent the spread of microbial aerosol pollution. A Lab Furniture itself without fan, relying on external ventilation ducts in the fan-driven air, because the product can not protect the cabinet, is currently less used.
Second-class Lab Furniture is currently the most widely used cabinet type. In accordance with the "People's Republic of China Pharmaceutical Industry Standard YY0569-2005 Lab Furniture" in the provisions of the two Lab Furniture in accordance with the inlet air speed, exhaust and circulation can be divided into four levels: A1, A2, B1 And type B2. All secondary Lab Furniture can provide staff, environment and product protection.