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CDC And Control Center Laboratory Construction

Dec 10, 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a national department closely related to people's lives. The level of construction reflects the degree to which a country's public health security is guaranteed. Since the global SARS epidemic and bird flu, the state has increased its efforts in this area, and invested a large amount of funds to rebuild or build new CDCs in various provinces, cities and counties.

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From the service targets of CDC, there are mainly two categories: one is to serve public health, mainly related to some inspection subjects required by countries such as food and daily necessities, such as microbiological examination and hygiene inspection. The other category is for subjects that deal with emergencies, such as sudden outbreaks, epidemic diseases, etc.

The testing requirements and contents required by CDC at the provincial, city, and county levels are different, but in general, the contents are quite diverse, including: disease prevention and control, emergency public health emergency response, epidemic situation, and health-related factors. Responsibilities for information management, health hazard monitoring and control, laboratory testing analysis and evaluation, health education and health promotion, technical guidance and applied research. The maximum number of categories tested was 25, the number of content was 79, and the number of projects was 225. The specific tests included parasites, sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, plague, physical and chemical analysis, health microbes, pathogenic microorganisms, and toxicology experiments. , pathogenic microorganisms, acute infectious diseases, vector, insect vectors, schistosomiasis, etc. Because CDC is responsible for the above testing tasks, the procedural arrangement of its work involves a large part of the uncertainty. In addition to the corresponding measures and systems in management, the layout of the laboratory and the hardware facilities are also very important. The link is, to a certain extent, crucial.

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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the state has strengthened investment and construction in this field, especially the outbreak of SARS and the occurrence of avian flu, which has made people see the importance of CDC in safeguarding people's health. Promoted the construction of CDC everywhere.

For the time being, the country does not have a complete and systematic construction specification for CDC, but applies and cites some relevant fields. The norms and guidelines currently in use mainly include: General Guidelines for Microbiological and Biomedical Biosafety WS233 -2002, "Biosafety Laboratory Building Technical Specifications" GB50346-2004, "Laboratory Biosafety General Requirements" GB19489-2004, "Scientific Experimental Building Design Specification" JG J91-93, "heating, ventilation, air conditioning, purification equipment terminology 》GB/T16803-1997, "Design Code for Clean Plants" GB50073-2001, "Code for Construction and Acceptance of Cleanrooms" JGJ71-1990. There are also some notices and reference regulations, such as: the General Office of the Ministry of Health and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly promulgated: Weiban Disease Control and Development (2004) No. 108, Ministry of Agriculture No. 302 Announcement on the Veterinary Laboratory Biosafety Operation Technology Management Regulations, etc. .