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Cell Culture Laboratory Area Design Requirements

Jun 05, 2019

Cell culture laboratories should be able to perform six tasks: aseptic processing, incubation, preparation, cleaning, sterilization, and storage.

Aseptic operation area

(1) Aseptic operation area: The sterile operation area is limited to the area of cell culture and other aseptic operations, and it is best to be isolated from the outside world, not to walk through or interfere with other disturbances.

The ideal aseptic operating room should be divided into three parts:

a) Dressing room - for changing clothes, shoes and wearing hats and masks.

b) Buffer room – located between the dressing room and the operating room, in order to ensure a sterile environment in the operating room, and to place a constant temperature incubator and some necessary small instruments.

c) Aseptic operation room - dedicated to aseptic processing, cell culture. The size should be appropriate, and the top should not be too high (not more than 2.5m) to ensure the effective sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays; the wall is smooth and has no dead ends for cleaning and disinfection. The workbench should not be placed against the wall. The countertop should be smooth pressed and molded into a surface, painted white or gray to facilitate the observation of the anatomical structure and phenol red.

(2) Purification workbench: simple operation, convenient installation, small space occupation and good purification effect. There are two main types of purification workbench used in general bacterial culture rooms: a) side flow or vertical b) outflow or horizontal laminar flow.

2. Incubation area

Although the requirements for sterility in this area are not stricter than the aseptic area, they still need to be clean and dust-free, so they should also be placed in areas where there is less interference than walking through. Incubation can be carried out in an incubator or in a temperature-controlled greenhouse, which is expensive and generally used in incubators for labor.

lab furniture-6.05

3. Preparation area

In this zone, preparation of a culture solution, a liquid for culture, and the like is mainly performed.

4. Storage area

It mainly stores all kinds of refrigerators, drying boxes, liquid nitrogen tanks, sterile culture liquids, culture bottles, etc. This environment also needs to be clean and dust-free.

5. Cleaning and disinfection area

The cleaning and disinfection area should be separated from other areas, mainly for cleaning, preparation, disinfection and preparation of three steamed water for all cell culture vessels.