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Choice Of Different Laboratory Fume Hoods Are Also Different

Feb 17, 2017

Fume hood is one of our common laboratory furniture, in many large laboratories, in order to improve the laboratory environment, ventilation hood. Especially in special laboratories, often touching a variety of harmful gases and substances. If no ventilation equipment in the laboratory, then, will be directly rendered unsafe laboratory environment danger, about testing is a kind of invisible injury.

Because of today's laboratory ventilation Cabinet growing demand, in order to satisfy demand for test use, many companies also fume hood material innovation. Now we breed most common fume hood is all-steel fume hoods and steel hood, both of fume hoods in the raw material has a great deal of difference. All-steel fume hood more suitable for use in chemical laboratories. Because of the chemical test, generally occurs with chemical gases. The gas stays in the air for a long time, will be a certain impact on hood.

Steel and wood in medical laboratory fume hood, steel-wood Hood's biggest advantage is the ability to avoid oxidation and rusting of the Cabinet, in medical laboratories, usually we will touch a lot of drugs and reagents, but these reagents are not dominated by strong acid strong alkali, but mainly to drugs. Moment the use of steel and wood hood is now able to meet our needs, we can see clearly from these areas, selection of fume hoods according to laboratory to conclude that especially in the different application fields, fume hoods are not the same.