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Come Onlookers: How To Customize Personalized Laboratory Furniture

Jan 10, 2019

Because of the size and size of each laboratory, fixed laboratory equipment does not meet the needs of different laboratories, so personalized laboratory equipment is more user-friendly and professional. So how do we personalize custom lab furniture? BOKA Xiaobian tells you!

lab furniture-12.03

First, contact the laboratory equipment manufacturers

Identify the first step for a successful laboratory equipment manufacturer. Generally, we will choose large brands and high-profile companies to cooperate. It can ensure the product quality of the customized laboratory equipment and the quality of after-sales service will be guaranteed.

Second, determine the needs of laboratory equipment customization

Custom laboratory equipment, to clear the requirements and manufacturer instructions, such as the number of custom laboratory equipment, the size of the test bench, what material needs to be customized, if the conditions permit, you can send the drawings of the laboratory equipment to be customized Manufacturers, let manufacturers make according to the drawings.

Third, field inspection or exhibition hall to determine products

In many cases, it is based on the product map provided by the manufacturer or the product sample on the official website. In particular, if you need to customize the large order, it is recommended to conduct a site visit or determine the product in the exhibition hall to truly confirm the contract cooperation. This will prevent the customized laboratory equipment from being shipped to the board.

Fourth, installation and after-sales

After the manufacturer finishes production, the manufacturer will negotiate with the customer to pay the balance and make an appointment for the installation time. At this time, the customer can check whether there is any leak according to the original drawings, such as whether the material is in or out, whether the installation is firm, etc. If there are any problems, please report them to the manufacturer in time and solve them in time. After confirming that the products have no problems, you can deliver the final payment.

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