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Cosmetics GMPC Clean Laboratory Decoration

Jul 10, 2020

 The dressing room, air shower room and purification room are the three basic components of the workshop purification system. The air shower room is a passage into and out of the clean area, and the high-speed clean air flow sprayed out can effectively and quickly remove the dust and bacteria carried by the human body. The clean room adopts sandwich color steel plate to isolate the space or wall, the upper color steel ceiling is suspended, and the floor is paved with epoxy resin.


   Second, the location of the cosmetics laboratory

   1. The cosmetic laboratory should be selected in a clean and quiet place with sufficient light and good ventilation.

   2. Far away from the living area, boiler house and the main road of traffic; there must be a certain distance from the production and processing workshop

   3. Choose a workplace that is convenient for sampling and inspection, and is close to the workshop.

   3. Partition design of cosmetics laboratory

  General cosmetics factories should set up a comprehensive laboratory with both bacteria and physical and chemical testing, mainly including the following four parts: bacteria laboratory, physical and chemical laboratory, office, storage room.

   1. Office: Office management and data processing room

   2. Physical and chemical analysis laboratory: (or merged with the bacteria testing operation room)

  ①Gas and liquid layer analysis room (also double as sensory test room)

  ②Ultra-Visible Spectroscopy, Atomic Spectroscopy Room

  ③ Balance Room

  3. Bacterial laboratory: ①bacteria inspection operation room; ②sterile room; ③medium production room; ④washing and disinfection room;

   4. Storage room: cosmetic medicine; cosmetic samples

   Fourth, experience sharing in the construction of cosmetic laboratories

   1. Set the scrubbing area separately, because this area treats waste, there is a certain amount of pollution and humidity.

   2. The medium preparation area should be set relatively independent.

   3. General operation area (main operation area), observation of microbial test results, microscope operation, general simple physical and chemical operation, equipment, etc., can be combined in this room or area.

   4. Aseptic operation area and aseptic room should be set separately.

   V. Cosmetics GMPC workshop structure materials

   1. The walls and roof of the purification plant are usually made of 50mm thick sandwich color steel plates, which are characterized by beautiful appearance, strong rigidity, good thermal insulation performance and easy construction. Arc corners, doors, window frames, etc. are generally made of special alumina profiles

   2. The ground can use epoxy self-flowing floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor, if there is anti-static requirements, anti-static type can be selected

  3. The return air duct is made of hot-dip zinc plate, and the fire-retardant PF foamed plastic plate with good purification and insulation effect is attached

   4. High-efficiency stainless steel frame for the air outlet, beautiful and clean, the painted aluminum plate for punching mesh plate, no rust and no sticky dust, should be cleaned

   VI. Principles of purification system of cosmetics GMPC clean laboratory

1. Airflow→Primary Effect Purification→Air Conditioning→Medium Effect Purification→Fan Air Supply→Pipeline→High-efficiency Purification Air Vent→Blowing into the Room→Removing Dust, Bacteria and Other Particles→Return Blinds→Initial Effect Purification Purification purpose.

   2. GMPC workshop purification parameters:

  ① Frequency of ventilation: 100,000 grade ≥15 times; 10000 grade ≥20 times; 1000 grade ≥30 times. Differential pressure: main workshop ≥5Pa to adjacent room

  ②Average wind speed: Class 10, Class 100: 0.3-0.5m/s; Temperature: Winter>16℃; Summer<26℃; Fluctuation±2℃.

  ③ The temperature is 45-65%; the humidity of the GMP powder workshop is about 50%; the humidity of the electronic workshop is slightly higher to avoid static electricity.

  ④ Noise ≤65dB (A)

  ⑤ The fresh air supply volume is 10%-30% of the total supply air volume

  ⑥ Illumination 300LX.

   Seven. Decoration process of cosmetic laboratory

   1. Overall construction flow direction: The production process or use requirements are often the basic factors for determining the construction flow direction. The decoration and decoration works adopt the top-down construction flow direction.

   2. Overall construction procedure: measurement and unwinding → equipment main material procurement → equipment pipeline installation → decoration and fitting → equipment installation and commissioning → cleaning and finishing → completion acceptance

   3. Overall construction sequence: The construction sequence is an objective law existing in the construction steps. For the supporting engineering of this project, it is advisable to use parallel flow three-dimensional cross-over operation, and carry out the construction in sub-system and sub-section.

   4. Install equipment pipeline first, then decorate

   5. First trunk line, then branch line

   6. Prefabricated as much as possible to reduce scattered installation

   7. First cooperate (with various types of work), such as pre-embedded, reserved, etc., then work separately

   8. First wind (exhaust pipe), water (pipe), and electricity (line pipe), that is, electricity to hide from water, water to hide from wind

   9. Small pipes let big pipes, branch pipes let supervisors; non-pressure pipes let pressure pipes; general pipes let insulation pipes

   10. Decorating and decorating works, first ceiling, then wall, and then ground.