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Customized Biosafety Cabinet Are Prone To Misunderstanding

Oct 23, 2017

Customized Biosafety Cabinet are prone to misunderstanding
Because different laboratories have different characteristics, more and more consumers tend to customize the purchase of Biosafety Cabinets, but there are many places worth noting that customization, if customized improper will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. Small surface to sum up everyone on the Biosafety Cabinet custom easy to exist errors.
The bigger the wind speed is, the better
Many consumers believe that the surface of the Biosafety Cabinet the greater the better the wind speed, in fact, is not. Once the surface safety of the Biosafety Cabinet has increased, the size of the ventilation duct and the air conditioning equipment must also be increased, not only the cost but also the difficulty of construction. And the increase in equipment will inevitably produce more noise and vibration during operation, noise reduction costs will inevitably increase. In general, as long as the surface of the Biosafety Cabinet can reach 5m / s is enough.
Give the designer
In fact, many designers are not so professional, often put several sets of programs at hand to change the size even if completed. However, the actual demands of different consumers are very different, for example, whether the layout of Biosafety Cabinets can give staff enough space, material performance can adapt to the laboratory operating environment, can not ensure that the laboratory to maintain negative pressure Wait. Therefore, consumers in the custom process, from product design to production and processing, installation and transportation, each link should be strict checks, in doubt to promptly contact with the manufacturers.
In general, a good laboratory Biosafety Cabinet customization has the following characteristics: the window can be two-way adjustment, the panel visible, the operating room is large enough, the surface wind speed of 5m / s, with a controlled baffle. As long as these points, combined with their own actual situation, I believe you will be able to customize their own satisfaction with the Biosafety Cabinet.
Window displacement sensor VAV system is generally installed in the Biosafety Cabinet, you can measure the location of the window and the signal transmitted to the controller to calculate the export area of each time the safety cabinet and exhaust volume, thus controlling the LCS Venturi valve. The system has the advantages of strong anti-indoor airflow interference ability, good control effect, fast reaction speed and so on, there is no unstable factor interference system.
Wind speed sensor VAV system is generally installed in the Biosafety Cabinet side wall, the use of airflow upstream and downstream pressure to form the wind, instead of laboratory Biosafety Cabinet average inlet wind speed, and then according to the signal to amend the degree of butterfly valve opening, repeated this process Return to the set value. But the system needs to wait until the wind speed has actually been derailed and measured by the wind speed sensor to begin to adjust. So this approach is easy to make the system response time to extend, thus affecting the Biosafety Cabinet control. Therefore, the wind speed does not accurately represent the average inlet wind speed.
Dual sensor driven VAV system is the window displacement sensor and wind speed sensor at the same time drive the control system, but the effect is not the two control methods to get better, but also easy to extend the speed of the control link. In fact, part of the reason is that once the wind speed sensor used, will bring the original VAV system inherent defects, resulting in the system back to the state of continuous swing, and these defects will not disappear because of the existence of the window displacement sensor.
In the laboratory, the main function of the Biosafety Cabinet is to ensure the safety of the experimental environment, if the effect is good, you can ensure that users and harmful gases isolated, but once the quality is not up to standard or the operation is not in accordance with the procedures, likely to cause serious hurt.
So how can we improve the safety of laboratory Biosafety Cabinet?
1, laboratory Biosafety Cabinet with a single slit structure of the exhaust, can effectively discharge harmful gases.
2, select the streamlined handle, to ensure that there is a gap between the hand and the glass, so as to ensure that the air flow on the table rotation, and thus ensure effective exhaust.
3, the anti-off sales installed in the window, once the rope off the glass window fall, anti-drop can catch it, to prevent it bumps the laboratory staff.