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Design Concepts And Principles Of Biological Laboratory Projects

May 04, 2018

one. Design Concepts and Principles of Biological Laboratory Projects

1. Respect the local ecological environment to the greatest extent and express respect for the environment: Laboratory design of ecological concepts

Based on the full analysis of the laboratory projects to be implemented, the design concept of the main building as the background of the overall environment in the concept of the plan will include the building where the laboratory is located in the environment. To fully consider the ecological facilities around the biological laboratory, the arbors can also play a role in protecting the environment and optimizing the air quality.

Bao Fengxuan's Tips on Customer Projects: Around the project, it is suggested that ecological environmental protection projects be constructed at the same time. Flowers and trees can also play a role in purifying isolation and optimizing air quality to some extent. For example, the natural ingredients in the dicotyledon cloves and the cinnamon family can kill intestinal pathogens and pyogenic cocci. These two points are described in detail in “Kaibao Materia Medica” and “Dang Bencao”.

2. Biosafety laboratories must have forward-looking design concepts

The biological laboratory has the following features:

Relative flexibility: Each laboratory should have enough space to place instruments and equipment. The divided laboratory work area plates can also be used independently for their respective purposes, so that experimental work can be performed in a small area without affecting other experimental items, and at the same time, when necessary, large-scale experimental work can be integrated together.

Bao Fengxuan's Tips on Customer Projects: Bao Fengxuan has extensive design experience on the internal design of the laboratory and can well meet customer requirements.

Relative economics: The laboratory considers the division of areas for efficiency in protection, work, and configuration, thereby avoiding the waste of area and space.

Baofengxuan's Tips on Customer Projects: In the relative space scope, Baofengxuan will save you real space and help you effectively use space.

l Relative scalability within the laboratory: Laboratory systems based on modular forms and reusable operating systems that can be added to the structure can be performed without sacrificing certain functions or affecting related laboratory functions. The contraction and expansion. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve sufficient laboratory space.

Bao Fengxuan's warm tips for customer projects: It is necessary to reserve a certain amount of laboratory space. Biosafety level laboratories are built with huge amounts of capital. It is also necessary for the forward-looking use of space in the laboratory.

l Absolute safety: The regional configuration needs in the laboratory are divided according to the degree of potential danger. Storage locations for smoke shields and acid and flammable materials, and space allocated for biosafety sheds will be located in the higher hazard zone at the back of the laboratory (away from the exit). A certain amount of space and enough waste channels will be used to form a second layer of protection for the higher hazard zone. Each lab's low-risk zone will be used to arrange a variety of dry countertop activities such as desks, computers and instruments. Wet mesa activities were placed in the middle-risk zone. High-definition video surveillance systems and indoor intercom communication systems are also necessary for laboratory projects. The real-time monitoring of command procedures is also one of the safety guarantees.

Bao Fengxuan's Tips on Customer Projects: Bao Fengxuan also has practical experience in the division and use of laboratory safety areas. Reasonable regional division is also an important part of the biosafety laboratory.