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Do You Know What Principles Should Be Followed In The Planning Of The CDC Laboratory?

Jul 11, 2018

With the advent of high temperatures in summer and the ravages of viral diseases, the CDC laboratory is particularly important. What principles should be followed in the planning and construction of the CDC laboratory? Let’s take a look at it with BOKA Xiaobian~

The CDC Laboratory (also known as the Biosafety Lab) is a well-equipped, fully functional, highly intelligent, highly secure facility that is placed in new medical buildings. There are many laboratories in the CDC, and all kinds of laboratories are distributed in a centralized manner. The planning of the CDC laboratory requires comprehensive consideration of multiple factors and overall planning.

The air in the CDC laboratory has cleanliness requirements, and its geographical location should be chosen away from densely populated areas, heavy traffic and areas with air, water and other pollution. The construction of the CDC laboratory is a biomedical project with extremely fine division of labor, strong professionalism and high construction technology.


The principles to be followed in the planning of the CDC laboratory:

1. The principle of safety must be the first priority, meet the requirements of various biosafety regulations, and set necessary safety measures to ensure the safety of security personnel and the environment. All construction and planning are subject to biosafety.

2, the principle must be convenient to use, easy to control, easy to manage, easy to operate

3. The principle that the function must be complete, comprehensively set up the functions of the laboratory in the local area and meet the requirements of the disease prevention and detection in this area.

4, the principle of long-term planning, advanced awareness, high standards, strict requirements, seeing room for development.

5, must be people-oriented principles, embody the concept of humanity and human care, and create a comfortable testing environment.

6. Science must be rational, reasonable site selection, process layout, logistics, smooth flow of pollution, and advanced design concepts.

7, the layout must be professional principles, biosafety risk assessment, scientific, reasonable, overall concept and conceptual design, to meet the operating procedures for the process layout design, and then ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, water supply and drainage, fire protection, bio-security measures, etc. design.

8. The principle of saving must be implemented. According to the workload of the inspection project, the economic situation, and the actual situation of the project, the economy can be saved under the premise of meeting biosafety.

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