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Drug Testing Laboratory Design, Choose BOKALAB

Apr 15, 2019

The drug testing laboratory is the work site of the QC testing of pharmaceutical factories, usually consisting of two parts: physical and chemical laboratories and microbiology laboratories.

The development of a professional drug testing laboratory design program is an important part of the construction of a drug testing laboratory. Let's take a look at the design of the drug testing laboratory.


First, the design principles of drug testing laboratories

The general principles of drug testing laboratory design are scientific and reasonable, appropriate in scale, resource sharing and non-repetitive construction.

First, similar laboratories, laboratories with more engineering pipe networks and laboratories with clean requirements are combined; second, the laboratory with vibration isolation requirements is placed on the bottom layer; third is the combination of laboratories with toxic substances. Together; the fourth is that the laboratory should be set up by the window to ensure sufficient natural lighting.

The planning and construction of facilities such as pharmaceutical analysis laboratories, animal laboratories, central warehouses, and sewage treatment stations (including incineration chambers) are designed according to independent and decentralized planning.

Second, the drug inspection laboratory building layout

The layout of the experimental building is generally in the form of a rectangular inner corridor that maximizes the use of natural light.

The rectangular transverse axis can be 6~8m, the length can be set according to requirements; the longitudinal axis can be 6~9m, or 6m-2.5m-6m, the middle corridor, the corridor width can be set according to requirements.

The quality inspection building is generally 2-3 layers, and the laboratory height can be set to 2.6m~3.0m. The height of the technical interlayer is determined according to the air conditioning form and structure, generally not less than 1m.

Third, the design of the ventilation system of the drug testing laboratory

The ventilation system is one of the largest and most influential systems in the design and construction of the entire drug testing laboratory. Whether the ventilation system is perfect or not directly affects the environment of the drug testing laboratory, the health of the experimental personnel, and the operation and maintenance of the experimental equipment.

A scientific and reasonable ventilation system requires good ventilation, low noise, easy operation, energy saving, and even requires indoor pressure difference and temperature and humidity to maintain human comfort.

According to the conditions and requirements of different drug testing laboratories, static pressure sensing automatic frequency conversion control (or PLC programming control) and variable air volume system (VAV) control mode can be used to make the air in the laboratory reach the national standard for the drug testing experiment. Room staff create a comfortable, smooth and convenient working environment.

The above is just a brief introduction. After all, the laboratory decoration involves too much content, and the professional requirements are very strict. It is not simple enough to make it clear.

If you have the need for the design and decoration of the drug testing laboratory, you can directly contact us, we will arrange a professional technician to contact you to plan a detailed design plan for you.