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Feel Sorrow For The Explosion In Lebanon, Pray And Bless Lebanon.

Aug 07, 2020


  Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab bluntly said, “We are witnessing a real disaster.” The Beirut governor estimated that the explosion will leave 250,000 to 300,000 homeless. The country’s granary was also destroyed in the explosion, and its food reserves were less than one month old. At the time of disaster, many countries rushed to help Lebanon.

Guangzhou Boka System Lab Tech Co., Ltd. expresses its deep condolences for the dead and injured in Lebanon's bombing accident, and hopes that the Lebanese people will come out of their grief as soon as possible and regain their confidence. At the same time, it is also a period of severe epidemic, so pay attention to protection. Our recently launched mobile shelter laboratory can help the Lebanese government to quickly carry out nucleic acid testing. If necessary, please contact us.

Finally, we pray for Lebanon, everything will be fine.