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Fume Hood Can Reduce The Harm Of Gas Poisoning In The Laboratory

Jun 30, 2020

Most of the consequences of the accident are caused by your own care. Generally, the cap of the concentrated sulfuric acid reagent bottle is very tight, and you need to use tools such as tweezers. At this time, you will use a lot of effort to unscrew the cap. The sulfuric acid in the bottle may splash out. If these dangerous chemicals are directly splashed on the skin or eyes, it will cause great harm to the human body. At this time, we must understand the hazards of these accidents. Chemical scourges: strong acids, strong bases, sodium, potassium, phenol, etc. will splash into the skin or eyes to cause scourges. The general symptoms are: corrosion and swelling of strong acid contact sites Burning pain, difficulty breathing, etc., after treatment of alkaline scald, first rinse with a large amount of water, and then rinse with a large amount of water after washing with 2% acetic acid solution; the alkaline liquid splashes into the eyes and wash with 3% boric acid solution, then Point penicillin eye ointment. For acid rot, first rinse with plenty of water, then rinse with 2%~5% sodium bicarbonate solution, then rinse with plenty of water, apply some glycerin; acid splashes into the eyes, rinse with plenty of water, and then use hydrogen carbonate After cleaning, the sodium solution was taken to the hospital for treatment.

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So in order to prevent these things from happening, it is more important for the safety of laboratory personnel. It is very important to install a fume hood in the laboratory. What are you waiting for in the laboratory without a fume hood? The use of the fume hood will not only make the laboratory Good ventilation, but also greatly reduce the risk of laboratory poisoning