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Function Of Pass Box In Purification Workshop

Jul 14, 2020

 The role of the transfer box in the purification workshop project

  1. It is a device for transferring items in the clean area to reduce the number of door openings;

   2. Mainly used for the transfer of small items in clean rooms of different levels or the transfer of small items between clean areas and non-clean areas;

  3. Prevent low-grade unclean air from entering the high-grade clean room when transferring materials, which reduces the pollution of the clean room to a minimum.


The characteristics and classification of transfer box products in the purification workshop project

   1. The transfer box is divided into two types: standard transfer window and clean transfer window according to the application;

   2. According to the form of door interlocking, it can be divided into mechanical interlocking and electronic interlocking;

   3. The shell is divided into three types: color steel plate type, thin steel plate spray type and all stainless steel type;

   4. Universal size and special specifications are made according to user requirements.