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Future Development Trends Of Purification Projects In 2020

Jul 06, 2020

Change of competition

   changed from price competition to value competition. With the trend of integration, densification, miniaturization, and functionalization of electronic products, the reliability requirements of components are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for clean rooms in the electronic information manufacturing industry are also stricter. A small amount of dirt or weak static electricity may cause a substantial reduction in the yield of components and products, which directly affects the company's profit. At present, the static voltage threshold of the hard disk head has dropped to less than 3 V, and the packaging environment of some ICs is required to reach Class10 or even Class1 levels. The technological development and high performance requirements of the electronic information industry have prompted companies in the clean engineering industry to shift from price competition to technical competition. Only companies with technological R&D and independent innovation capabilities can meet customer needs and continue to develop, and can design and build high-end cleanliness that meets the requirements. Room, the improvement of related technologies and service capabilities will become the focus of future market competition.

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Development of high-end clean technology

   Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMC) was first raised by the Japanese as a concern of IC factories 20 years ago. In recent years, the world's IC technology has developed rapidly, and IC chips have become increasingly miniaturized. AMC has more potential pollution than current particle production for IC production. Particle pollution control only needs to determine the particle size and number, but for AMC control, in addition to the change in chip line width, it is also affected by the process. , Process equipment, process materials, and delivery systems. What's more, the various process materials (chemicals, special gases, etc.) used in a certain process may in many cases be trace pollutants to the next process. Therefore, AMC has become an important issue that seriously affects the yield in certain processing procedures and material transfer and storage environments between IC production processes. AMC molecular control technology has become the mainstream trend in clean engineering design and construction.