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General University Laboratory Construction Plan

Nov 07, 2020

The general university laboratory construction plan consists of the following four parts:

(1) Professional Teaching Laboratory

  The professional teaching laboratory is a teaching laboratory set up to cooperate with theoretical teaching. It is a place for students to verify the basic theories and basic common sense in theoretical teaching and conduct practical activities in the school. The construction of such laboratories is relatively mature. On the basis of the original professional characteristics, it can be reformed and improved closely around the needs of curriculum construction and syllabus. Appropriately according to the update of teaching materials, the situation of students, and the strengthening of equipment investment, a professional teaching laboratory with distinctive professional characteristics is formed, and a good practical environment is provided for professional theoretical teaching. Through the operation of student experiments, students can develop a good quality of engaging in scientific research while confirming theories.

  (2) Teacher-Student Research Laboratory

  The teacher-student research room is a laboratory set up for teachers to guide students in teaching and scientific research practice. It is a practice place for teachers to cultivate teaching plans and training programs in line with modern application-oriented talents through social research. The construction of such laboratories has not been specifically divided among universities. Only in the training of talents with higher academic qualifications, such as the training of graduate students and doctoral students, are engaged in the design and research of specific graduation thesis. The construction of such laboratories should be based on the curriculum construction and syllabus, combined with the needs of modern society for talents, equipped with high-precision equipment, stimulate the enthusiasm of teachers and students for scientific research, and develop a teaching plan that meets modern application-oriented talents. And the teaching and research results of the training program, so as to provide a basis for decision-making in the professional construction of the school.

  (3) Enterprise Simulation Laboratory

  The corporate simulation laboratory is a laboratory set up to simulate a specific process of commodity production. According to the author's investigation, there is no such laboratory in universities. In order to enable students to adapt to the needs of enterprises as early as possible, it is necessary to set up such laboratories in universities. On the one hand, through the practice in such laboratories, students not only understand the process flow and operation technology of related enterprises' commodity production, but also lay a good practice foundation for the work they will be engaged in. On the other hand, it can also increase the enthusiasm of professional teachers to participate in laboratory work, and use this as a window to understand the status quo of related enterprises so as to make suggestions for enterprises, and at the same time make open experimental teaching possible. The construction of this type of laboratory requires the school and the enterprise to jointly fund the construction according to the specific situation of the enterprise. This can not only speed up the process of integration of production, education and research in the school, but also enhance the self-hematopoietic function of the laboratory and promote the sustainable development of the laboratory.

   (four) logistics support room

  Logistics Support Room is a studio set up for the normal and orderly and effective operation of the laboratory. According to its specific functions, it is temporarily divided into the following parts:

   1) Experimental preparation room. It is a studio equipped with instruments and reagents for laboratory work.

   2) Equipment inventory room. It is a studio for storing public equipment and updating equipment for the laboratory.

  3) Equipment maintenance room. It is a studio that provides repair services for damaged equipment in the laboratory.

  4) External service room. It is a studio that provides external services for the laboratory. The work of the logistics support room is to directly serve the laboratory and provide the necessary material guarantee for the construction of the laboratory. It is inseparable from the construction of the laboratory.