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Hospital Clean Room Renovation Project Construction Organization Design

Jun 27, 2018

The clean room must be constructed according to the design drawings. When the design needs to be modified in the construction, there should be notification of the change of the design unit. No drawings and technical requirements can not be construction and acceptance, clean room construction should be detailed before the construction of a detailed program and procedures, the construction of each type of work should be closely coordinated, according to the program construction. The type of work to be carried out in advance shall not hinder the subsequent construction. The main materials, equipment, finished products and semi-finished products used in the project shall all meet the design requirements, and shall have the factory-qualified certificates or quality certification documents. When there is doubt about the quality, it must be tested. The expired materials shall not be used. During the construction of the clean room, intermediate inspection and acceptance shall be carried out after the construction of each process, and the record shall be recorded. The construction and acceptance of the clean room shall comply with the provisions of the relevant national standards in addition to the implementation of this specification. .


General provisions:

1. The construction of the clean room building shall be completed on the roof waterproofing project and the external protective structure. The installation of the outer and outer windows shall be completed. The main structure shall be checked after acceptance. The contents include indoor decoration works, installation of doors and windows, gap sealing, and various pipelines. , lighting fixtures, air-conditioning purification equipment, process equipment and other parts of the construction of the joint sealing gap.

2. The schedule for the construction and decoration of the clean room building shall be formulated with other professional work types to establish a clear construction cooperation plan, which shall be constructed in accordance with the procedures and cooperate with each other.

Construction and decoration requirements:

1. Iron fittings and wooden frames embedded in reinforced concrete structures and walls shall be solid, wooden boards and wooden frames shall be treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and exposed parts of embedded iron fittings and hanger brackets shall be protected against rust or corrosion.

2. When the joints of different materials are sealed with elastic materials, slots or gaps of appropriate width and depth should be reserved.

3. All building components, partitions, ceilings, and suspended ceilings should be associated with the main structure, and should not be connected with equipment supports (such as conveyor booms, duct booms and vibration equipment) and pipeline supports. .

4. The gap between architectural decoration and doors and windows should be sealed on the positive pressure surface.

5. The reconstruction project shall be repaired firmly after the demolition of the partition wall, hole drilling, pipeline through the wall, and the use of floor slabs, etc., and the surface shall be correspondingly decorated to prevent dust from falling off.

6. Pipeline concealment works shall be carried out after completion of pipeline construction and pressure test acceptance. The pipeline around the wall, through the ceiling of the ceiling should be repaired flush, tight, clean, and caulking with sealing material. Airtight seals should be applied around the cover of the concealed works.