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How Can The Laboratory Test Report Be Optimized?

Jul 09, 2018

When you see a laboratory test report, you first need to look at its “sample source”, the vast majority of which are “commissioned tests”. Practically speaking, this is a test report that lacks legal validity. Because it lacks the basis of objectivity, fairness and justice. The authoritative inspection report should be a national-level market spot check, a provincial and municipal market spot check, and the second must also be a “trusted spot check test”. The key reason is whether the inspection sample of this inspection report can represent all the goods. All the inspection reports should be clearly printed in a clear position: the test results are only responsible for the samples! In fact, this is not the case. .

The laboratory's products are reports. First, the laboratory must obtain the relevant qualifications, and the report is effective. This is also a constraint on the laboratory itself.

There are generally three chapters on CMA, CAL, and CNAS in the inspection report. See if this test report is qualified. It must be seen whether this report has three chapters.


BOKA Xiaobian simply organizes the problems in the laboratory test report.

1. The reported amount of information is insufficient and does not meet the requirements of the Guidelines.

2. The conclusion of the report is incorrect and the authority of the authorized signatory is not in place.

3. The report data is inconsistent with the original record, and the report reviewer's responsibility is not in place.

4. The report has no three-level approval signature, and the report management is chaotic.

5. The report format is changeable and not serious.

6. The "Special Inspection Inspection Inspection" stamped in the report does not meet the requirements of the Guidelines and must be replaced.

7. There is no riding seal in the report, and there is a risk of reporting the change of the inner page.

8. The report or the original record has irregular changes, which may be falsified.

9. The difference between the inspection report, the test report and the appraisal report cannot be distinguished.

10. The reporting procedure is not strictly enforced and there is a risk of confidentiality!

The original record is the main basis for the preparation of the test report, and it is also the basis for reappearing the test when necessary and possible. Therefore, it must be recorded in a complete, true and clear manner, and uniform provisions should be made for the alteration. In addition to the test data and observation records, the original records shall be recorded truthfully for the equipment, standard materials, environmental conditions, test parameters, sample numbers and their status, and abnormal phenomena during the test.

Changes to laboratory test reports can occur for any of the following reasons

1 It is found that the detection instrument corresponding to the test report has a problem and has affected the test results involved in the test report;

2 It is found that the detection result is incorrect due to the incorrect or imperfect detection method;

3 found that the test report issued has other errors;

4 to meet the reasonable requirements of customers.

Changes to laboratory test reports can be made in the following ways:

1 Release a new test report to replace the original test report. The new report should have a new number and indicate the replacement old report number;

2 Notify the customer in the form of “reported changes or supplemental notices” (especially when using electronic transmission), which should be uniformly prepared.

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