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How Do Experimenters Better Record Data?

Sep 21, 2018

There are a lot of things to be aware of in the process of scientific research in the laboratory, but there is one thing that everyone will ignore, because it is not so important, it is the experimental record. Indeed, in many cases in the laboratory, many people have memory. It is very good, and I am more confident about myself. Naturally, I will omit the data record. However, what BOKA Xiaobian wants to tell you today is the importance of experimental records in the process of experimental research.

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Recording, not only the recording of experimental data, instrument usage records, environmental conditions or other normal abnormal conditions, phenomena should be recorded in time. Use instrument records for each instrument. Therefore, after the scientific researcher enters the laboratory, the experimental record book should be carried at any time in order to record important information data in time.

Note the gap between the experiments and write down the description of the experimental phenomenon (for the future), carefully record each data, good memory is not as bad as the pen, this is a colloquial language, but don't give up the importance of the pen, the data is good or bad, Recognize the chronological record, you must not randomly write or even tamper with the data, it will bring trouble to yourself, pay attention to the compilation and analysis of experimental data after the experiment.

In the process of scientific research in the laboratory, some people do not have the habit of recording the experimental process in time, and it is easy to repeat the work of the same type of error. In the record, it is particularly mentioned that some people only record the right, wrong. I was discovered by the leaders that I felt that the value of “these failure records” was ten times more than the correct records. These records not only made themselves, but also made colleagues less mistakes, improved work efficiency, and even recovered losses, such as instrument damage. Lawsuits caused by errors in the analysis results.

As a laboratory researcher, you should have the habit of cherishing data and various records. Do not throw all kinds of data or records, and analyze records or data regularly, especially when abnormalities occur. Azimuth to understand the performance of the instrument.

Carry a marker with you (laboratory researchers will have a big pocket, you can use it to put a marker). Use a number one for the flask, beaker, etc. Don't be bothered, at a glance, it's better than scrambling. If possible, use a dedicated set of utensils for an experiment and mark it with a marker.

After reading the above, you should know the importance of making records in the laboratory research process.

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