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How Do Lab Worktops Work In High Temperature Environment?

Sep 12, 2017

How do Lab Worktops work in high temperature environment?
The Lab Worktops has its own unique requirements for the temperature of the working environment. Special note here, some experiments in the lab, as a result of the experiment type is different, so also will be different to the requirement of experiment, on the temperature of the working environment there is a big difference, if working environment temperature is too high, will damage the surface of the Lab Worktops, thus directly reduce the service life of the Lab Worktops, so to control the size of a good working environment temperature.
In order to avoid the Lab Worktops in high temperature environment, the phenomenon of the damage, before the high temperature test, we want to know the lab table size of the production of raw materials and the melting point of the material, to the Lab Worktops of a general understanding, then at the time of experiment will be attention.
The Lab Worktops in the laboratory is mostly used in universities and enterprises, and now the development of science and technology, the Lab Worktops also adopts the new technology carefully designed.
1. Overall structure
Lab Worktops whole by experiment table and screen two parts, the design also is helpful for transportation, Lab Worktops on the whole structure design of the layout is very compact, also seem to be very beautiful. The bottom of the Lab Worktops is usually a large volume of cabinets that can be used to place instruments and medicines related to the experiment. The selection of the material of the whole Lab Worktops is to choose a single - sided epoxy resin coated copper plate and aluminum board as the base board, and the positive multi-color spraying is used, which is both good and durable.
Laboratory work on the connector socket inserted with superposition of is also a self locking plating socket or be self locking type banana plugs, so contact resistance will be much smaller, can effectively prevent oxidation and corrosion, prolong service life. The experimental wiring is also used for copper wire with high purity, which is better for hand feel and easy to make shape, which is helpful for maintenance.
Technical characteristics
Today's Lab Worktops implements the unsoldered point technology, with a 100 percent coating of epoxy powder, which can achieve the effect of never rust and corrosion. And for transport or other reasons lead to the cabinet put oneself in another's position of damaged, can not overall change, as long as the bad parts can be removed, to avoid the damage of welded cabinet put oneself in another's must be the result of the overall change.
Standard Lab Worktops configuration is usually placed in the middle of the laboratory, Lab Worktops of cabinet put oneself in another's position color also very fashionable now, for more fashionable mainstream gray, the line that play a base color is dark gray, with the line that play a base color is the same as the room, more harmonious.
Lab workbench is indispensable part of the chemical experiment, we have talked about the Lab Worktops in front of the classification and part of it, today we will go on a Lab Worktops some other related knowledge, hope to be able to give you help.
1. Accessories for Lab Worktops
1. In addition to the components of the lab workbench described earlier, let's move on to the accessories of the platform. Test-bed of accessories in the pool, there must be a faucet, tap can be used in a stand-up, or double mouth white faucet, in this case, to facilitate the water faucet, if you have any stand-up rotate 360 degrees faucet, best facilitate have so many different USES.
2. The pipe body of the tap should be made of brass. The faucet surface should be coated with a layer of baking paint, or anticorrosive paint for the treatment, the quantity of the pipe can ensure that the pipe of the faucet is not corroded. In addition, the tap's outlet nozzle should be removable, so that you can easily connect your special purpose outlet.
3. The sink. Another component of the Lab Worktops is the sink, which can be made of pp material. If it is formed, it must be resistant to acid and alkali and so on. The sink has to be the installation process of the bottom of the bottom, so that the sink is beautiful and practical, and the water on the table is flowing naturally back into the sink. The size of the tank can be large or small, which can be selected according to the needs of your Lab Worktops.
The performance of Lab Worktops
The multi-functional Lab Worktops is loaded in a thousand catty way, so it has a strong ability to bear the weight, and the resistance strain gauge shows the electricity. The test bed, as a whole, appears to be more compact and more efficient in the process of operation, and in the process of the experiment, the data is processed with the computer.