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How Does The Biosafety Cabinet Replace The Efficient Filter?

Jun 23, 2017

How does the Biosafety Cabinet replace the efficient filter?
The working principle of the biological safety cabinet is to keep the negative pressure in the safety cabinet, so that the airflow from the outside into the safety cabinet, tissue cabinet microbial spill, so as to protect the experimental operator, while its circulating air and exhaust through the high efficiency filter, But also to protect the product and laboratory environment. We can easily find that the filter is one of the more important part of the biological safety cabinet to replace the high efficiency filter after the protection of the operator, product protection and cross-contamination protection.
How to determine the biological safety cabinet high efficiency filter need to be replaced?
A, with the extension of the use of the cycle, dust and bacteria accumulated in the filter will lead to high efficiency filter pressure loss increases. It is hoped that the user will be able to run the clean air in the background environment, if long-term operation in poor air environment will lead to frequent replacement of high efficiency filters. Equipment in the course of the operation, if the equipment sound and light alarm and is due to lower air flow or inflow air flow caused by low (see the display window were lower than the design requirements) that the filter blockage has been very serious, the fan speed has reached the maximum Value, the system can not reach the specified wind speed value in any case, then the filter must be replaced.
B, to see the control panel on the cumulative running time of the fan, if reached 10,000 hours, usually need to replace the filter, but not must be replaced, but also consider the use of the environment cleanliness, habits and so on. It is recommended to use a method to determine whether the need to replace the filter.
The safety cabinet filter replacement method is as follows:
1, first turn off the power switch to cut off the safety cabinet power connection.
2, pull out the front door and the cabinet connection socket, the front hanging door removed, flat.
3, the operator to take protective measures, remove the high efficiency filter mounting hole cover.
4. Remove the high-efficiency filter, and at the same time to remove the waste high efficiency filter into the ready-made plastic bags, sealed mouth to be treated.
5, the new high efficiency filter installed on request, before the restoration of the accessories, the door to install and restore the power connection.
6, power, to do the filter on the detection, to meet the requirements before use.
7, the above work to be completed by professionals.
Special Note: In the use of biological safety cabinets in the process, should be careful not to soft, subtle items on the work surface, so as not to be on the stage of the return air grille into the negative pressure duct and fan, the impact of equipment run.
Routine inspection should be carried out to ensure that the seal between the filter and the system is secure and free from leakage. In the event of a leak, use a wrench to tighten the screw cap appropriately, in view of the fact that the filter may be filled with biologically hazardous substances and should be replaced or repaired by a qualified person. Before replacement and / or maintenance, it is necessary to Disinfection clean.
Biological safety cabinet before the replacement of high efficiency filter, must be the surface of the biological safety cabinet and the original ultra-efficient filter with formaldehyde sterilization, replacement, it is best to use the presence of the experimenter (in advance to ask the bacteria used in the experiment). Hands and body trauma are not allowed to operate, the operator must wear gas masks and rubber gloves. Remove the filter to immediately sealed into the plastic bag, and then into the carton, used with the gloves are the same treatment, and then burn together. When installing a new filter, do not just head and body into the cabinet, the same should be highly prudent operation.