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How Is The Auxiliary Laboratory Designed? BOKA Tells You

Jan 08, 2019

In the past, we introduced biochemical laboratories, clean laboratories, microbiology laboratories, etc. Today, we will understand the construction requirements of auxiliary laboratories. If you are still worried about the construction of the lab, take a look at the article compiled by BOKA.


(1) Drug storage room: Since many chemical reagents are flammable, explosive, toxic or corrosive, do not purchase too much. The storage room is only used to store a small amount of chemicals that are used in the near future, and must meet the safety requirements for the storage of dangerous goods. It must have the function of preventing open flame, moisture, high temperature, direct sunlight, and lightning protection. The room of the drug storage room should be facing north, dry and well ventilated. The ceiling should be shaded and insulated, the doors and windows should be strong, the windows should be high windows, and the doors and windows should be equipped with sun visors. The door should open outwards. The flammable liquid storage room is generally not allowed to exceed 28 °C at room temperature, and the explosives must not exceed 30 °C. A small number of dangerous goods can be classified and stored separately. The indoor exhaust cooling fan is equipped with explosion-proof lighting fixtures. Fire equipment is available. A semi-basement that meets the above conditions can be used as a drug storage room.

(2) Cylinder room: The flammable or combustion-supporting cylinders are required to be placed in the outdoor cylinder room. The cylinder room is required to be away from heat sources, fire sources and combustibles. The cylinder chamber should be constructed of non-combustible or flame-retardant materials, the wall with an explosion-proof wall, a lightweight top cover, and the door facing outward. Avoid sun exposure and good ventilation. The cylinder is more than 10m away from the open flame heat source, and the indoor is provided with an upright and stable iron frame for placing the cylinder.

These two auxiliary labs need to be fully considered in design, pay attention to the details, and hope that today's sharing will help you.

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