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How Is The Laboratory Equipment Audit Work Carried Out?

Oct 18, 2018

What do you need to know about laboratory equipment check? BOKA tells you

The accuracy of the laboratory equipment is an important guarantee for the accuracy of the inspection results, and the calibration of the laboratory design is calibrated according to a regular cycle to ensure that the laboratory equipment is secure and accurate. Let's tell you what to do with the lab equipment check below.


First, the significance of the previous check

In the previous period, the laboratory equipment was checked for the two calibration and calibration cycles of the metering equipment, measuring equipment, testing equipment and standard materials.

Second, the previous check target

1. Primary or important device view

2. It is necessary to have relative check specifications and implementation conditions

3. Balance between cost and danger

Third, the check method

1. Use the high-precision grade measurement specification as a checklist for a check

2. The use of regulatory material check is not recalibration, but some methods of calibration can be used to check

3. Check the self-contained calibration equipment