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How To Avoid The Hidden Potential Of The Lab Worktops

Sep 21, 2017

How to avoid the hidden potential of the Lab Worktops
The lab desk is the longest place for researchers to stay on a daily basis, while the Lab Worktops is the closest partner for the researchers, and consumers often But this time, Han Min furniture, small series teach people how to avoid the Lab Worktops Taiwan latitude potential hidden trouble.
Lab Worktops side of the common exception
1. The new test bench to buy some pungent odor. Consumers to buy test bed, if aware of a violent pungent atmosphere, it is recommended not to buy. Usually better environmental protection grade test bench using E0-class plate, the formaldehyde release Limited average is not preemptive 0.5mg / L.
2. Test bench use soon out of loose, open plastic and other signs of deformation.If the test bench manufacturers of the production process, but off, will be out of the combination is not tight, metal pieces of the same is not strong and other signs.
3. Test bench with the Department of cracking, moth and other signs. If the test bench to take poor quality paint, sometimes a long time will not only diverge strong smell, but also to stimulate cracking, insects, deformation and other abnormalities.
How to avoid the latent potential of the Lab Worktops
1. Test the stability of the test bench in the picking test bed should pay attention to its load-bearing and stability, see the groove and groove can be a loose position, whether there is a clear noise, if the test bench is only a small screw or glue unchanged , Proposed everyone to be careful to buy.
2. Check the surface of the test bed surface of the wood paint. Poor wood paint will contain a lot of free formaldehyde and other materials, so the use of wood paint is extremely important.Generally speaking, oil paint hardness higher, fullness better, but water-based paint environmental Better sex.
Wooden Lab Worktops long-term sustenance of the most costly is the formaldehyde release of the problem, the actual wooden Lab Worktops in the construction process, often exercise the formaldehyde-containing dense chemical materials, this arrogance also makes a lot of consumption On the reduction of the wooden Lab Worktops are not efficacious to receive gradually, the ignition will be cloudy suffer, idle and take up space.This day Han Min furniture Xiaobian to come to the public to introduce a full steel Lab Worktops, all of the above-mentioned upset the rule of it!
All steel Lab Worktops from the selection to the production process and after the elimination, will not bring resources to the community, not to show the ecological environment is not friendship, is the reusable experimental furniture products.
In the security, the wood is easy to burn, a lot of shrinkage made of wooden Lab Worktops burning more toxic gas will be released, and all steel Lab Worktops will never have this decadent. Compared with the wooden Lab Worktops will follow the indoor temperature and humidity changes and moldy, cracking, all steel Lab Worktops is more peaceful, completely free from temperature, humidity and other effects, the use of more peace of mind.
The floor of the Lab Worktops must be kept flat and should not be placed on the ground, and some people will use the board and the iron pad under the Lab Worktops to fix the ground to the test bench. If the pad is a little moving, the same will make the test stand instability, even if the pad level, due to force to show uneven, long time will also affect the structure inside the test furniture.