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How To Choose The Price Of Laboratory Furniture?

Jun 14, 2019

How to set the price of laboratory furniture in the market, we do not know, customers do not have a reference basis when purchasing, today BOKA brand laboratory manufacturers tell you what to look at in laboratory furniture prices:

1, understanding of the size data

The price of laboratory furniture has the most direct relationship with its size. Whether it is steel or steel, the larger the volume, the higher the price, in addition to the size of the size and the amount of materials used.

lab furniture-04

2, the process is different in price

All steel fume hoods produced by different manufacturers and different equipments are different; VOLAB laboratory homes have adopted self-developed styles, modular design, can be assembled with any combination, high adaptability, and can easily cooperate with laboratory field space. Flexibility planning.

And it is a regular standard model, but if there are other requirements for accessories and functions at the time of purchase, it is necessary to add a process fee on the basis of these. The process fee is different for different manufacturers, but it can be determined that the functional requirements The more complicated the price will be higher.

3, the difference between materials

The most widely used laboratory equipment is steel and wood. Steel has been said above. Basically, the price is calculated according to size and process. Of course, there is a price gap in thickness. It is common to vary the thickness between tens and hundreds of dollars. The same size of laboratory equipment is much worse than the price of steel, even several times, because the price of steel is high.