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How To Choose The Test Bench Manufacturers?

Oct 25, 2018

What do you pay attention to when choosing a laboratory furniture manufacturer? Many customers have told us that there are many manufacturers in the market who are in a dilemma when purchasing. I don’t know how to choose a reliable test bench manufacturer. Today BOKA tells you a responsible laboratory furniture manufacturer. We must make some reference to the necessary conditions.

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1. Don't just look at the cheap price. Many of my clients have chosen cheap laboratory furniture, but many of them have to re-purchase within a few months because of quality problems. Good lab furniture can last for ten years or more, and it can be nice to use it for three to five years.

2, pay attention to the edge of the laboratory furniture, whether the seal is thick and firm. And the edge banding glue should pay attention to the smell, it should be environmentally friendly.

3, the board should be selected clearly, the paper used in the laboratory furniture is a little different, will give our manufacturers a different purchase price, especially the countertop should be based on the selection of imported brands such as VIA Asia.

4, the countertop of the pool table must not use the veneer physicochemical board, otherwise the capacity is long-term intrusion by water and foaming off or cracking. 5, hardware accessories should also pay attention to, such as hinges, if not selected, may cause laboratory furniture is good, but the accessories are not good, affecting the use.

6, it is best to purchase directly with the manufacturer, and the selected manufacturers must have a guarantee and credibility after the sale, the warranty can be five years, do not choose three years.

When the manufacturer chooses to finish, then it is necessary to choose materials and solutions.

• Chemical laboratory – (eg organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, analysis)

Particular emphasis should be placed on the chemical resistance of the countertops, ease of cleaning, moderate color, load bearing, abrasion resistance and heat resistance. Epoxy board or chemical board in solid physicochemical board.

• Physical laboratory – special emphasis should be placed on physical tension, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and heat resistance. The physical board in the solid core physicochemical board can be used, or the thickened veneer physicochemical board can be used. The structure is best selected to have higher load-bearing steel or all-steel.

• Biological laboratory – special emphasis should be placed on stain resistance, ease of cleaning, abrasion resistance and resistance to bacterial fungal attack. Epoxy board or biochemical board in solid physicochemical board.

• Special-purpose laboratories based on chemical resistance – (eg pathology/hematology and other special biochemical laboratories) should focus on non-permeability and ease of cleaning. Epoxy board or chemical board in solid physicochemical board.

• Chemical resistance is not a special laboratory for major considerations:

Electronic Lab – Focus on physical pull and characteristics during experimental work.

Electrical Laboratory – focusing on insulation characteristics, non-conductive strength and physical pull

Mechanical laboratory – (eg metallurgy, geology, etc.) – focus on performance against physical damage

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