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How To Classify Laboratory Medicine Cabinets?

Sep 05, 2018

As the name implies, the medicine cabinet refers to the place where the medicine is stored. However, according to the usual life, the medicine cabinet also has the functions of displaying, dispensing medicine, drying, storing and sealing. So how do the medicine cabinets in the laboratory be classified?


The material of the medicine cabinet can be basically divided into two categories, one is wood, mainly the medicine stores store most of the medicine. The wooden medicine cabinet can ensure that the Chinese medicine is kept stable in the cabinet, and the wood itself absorbs moisture, which can prevent the medicine from becoming too long. One type is steel, mainly used by researchers or hospitals to study experiments in chemical biology. The steel medicine cabinet is strong, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant and has a long service life.

Today, BOKA medicine cabinet manufacturers share the classification and post-maintenance of laboratory medicine cabinets for you.

Medicine cabinets can be divided into three types according to the material: all-wood medicine cabinets, all-steel medicine cabinets and stainless steel medicine cabinets. According to the materials, there are now aluminum-wood, steel-wood composite cabinets made of physico-chemical panels.

The whole wood medicine cabinet is suitable for the placement of conventional medicines, which are not corrosive. Since many medicines need to be stored in the shade in the dark, the medicine cabinets must be placed away from the water source and from sunlight.

The damp storage environment will not only invalidate the drug, but also reduce the service life of the wooden medicine cabinet. Since the wooden medicine cabinet is made of fireproof board with particle board and surrounded by PVC edge-sealed board, this is The plate is most afraid of contact with water,

If water is accidentally dumped on the cabinet or laminate, it must be dried immediately with a dry rag. If it is not dried or forgotten in time, there may be no harm in a short time. If it is often the case, the edge strip will fall off. And the deformation of the edge of the sheet.

Even with high-quality plates and good edge-sealing processes, such situations should be dealt with in a timely manner. Avoiding sun exposure is mainly due to the fact that liquid chemicals are stored in the glass cabinet of the glass door and exposed to sunlight, which causes changes in mass and concentration.

The above is the type and maintenance method of the laboratory medicine cabinet introduced by BOKA. I hope to help you.