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How To Deal With The Wind Between The Fume Hoods?

Nov 03, 2018

The safety performance of the fume hood is one of the most important attributes to be protected, because the fume hoods originally used in the safety field are unimaginable damage to the laboratory and scientific personnel in the event of a safety accident. In many accidents, the failure of the fume hood or the temporary collapse caused the laboratory to be damaged or cause personal injury. Therefore, the safety performance of the fume hood is a design element that needs to be considered.

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There is a possibility of crosswinds between the fume hood and the effective use of the air volume regulating valve to effectively prevent the wind. Ventilation cabinets are classified into three categories according to the air intake method. It is called a full exhaust type by circulating indoor air in the cabinet and then discharging it. This is a very widely used type. When the fume hood is installed in a room with heating or control requirements for temperature and humidity, in order to save heating and air conditioning energy consumption, the method of exhausting air from the outside and circulating it in the cabinet and then discharging it outside is called a supplemental air fume hood.

The other is a variable air volume control type fume hood. The ordinary constant air volume system needs to manually adjust the damper of the fixed vane, adjust the exhaust air volume of the fume hood, and achieve the desired surface wind speed when the valve is adjusted to a certain angle. Variable air volume control is to change the air volume by adjusting the sensor of the valve to achieve a given surface wind speed. Of course, the standard type cost is low, and the variable air volume cost is high, which is suitable for occasions requiring high precision. According to the state of use, the fume hood can be divided into a whole type, a lower open type, a floor type, a two-sided type, a three-sided glass type, a table type, a joint type, and a radioactive experiment, a synthetic experiment, and a design according to the needs of different experiments. Special fume hood for chloric acid experiments.

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