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How To Ensure The Safety Of Using Fume Hood

Jun 10, 2020

How to ensure the safety of using fume hood

1. Adopting a single-slot exhaust structure to effectively discharge harmful gases.

   2. The streamlined handle, there is a gap between the handle and the glass. The flow of air on the table is rotating, thus ensuring effective air intake.

   3. Set the window anti-dropping pin, in case the wire rope falls off the glass window and accidentally falls, it will catch with the anti-dropping pin to prevent injury to the person.

   4. The glass window uses tempered glass, even if the glass is accidentally broken or exploded, there will be no injury.

   5. The upper part of the fume hood is provided with ventilation holes, even if the glass window is closed, it can enter the air and avoid generating greater negative pressure.

   6. The metal material of the fume hood shell is fireproof and non-combustible. The inner cavity is made of flame-retardant or non-combustible materials such as anti-folding special plate, stainless steel plate, and the tabletop is made of solid core physical and chemical plate or stainless steel plate to prevent acid, alkali, heat and flame retardancy.

   7. The effective height of the glass window is 800mm, the inner cavity is 1200mm, and the table height is 800mm. It is ergonomic, easy to operate, and has a large space for use and improved safety.

   8. The water nozzle and the gas nozzle are equipped with a remote operation handle outside the cabinet, which is more convenient and safe than direct manual operation.

fume hood-04

  Fume hood must also pay attention to safety when using

   1. Before starting the experiment, you must confirm that the fume hood should be in a running state before you can perform the experimental operation.

   2. Before the end of the experiment, continue to run for at least 5 minutes before turning off the ventilator to discharge the residual gas in the pipeline. It may also be considered to install an exhaust time delay device to ensure the delayed operation of the fan.

   3. During the experiment, do not put any equipment within 150mm from the glass window. Large experimental equipment should have sufficient space and should not affect the flow of air. The front window should be closed as much as possible.