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How To Get The Best Fume Hood?

Oct 23, 2017

How to get the best Fume Hood?
The safety function of the Fume Hood is demanded to ensure that the industry is already used in the safety category of Fume Hoods and the safety accidents of scientific personnel are catastrophic damage. In many surprises, due to the failure of the Fume Hood or temporary collapse caused by the formation of the laboratory lost or damaged. The safety function of the Fume Hood is the planning element that needs attention.
In the safety plan, in addition to the timing of the replacement of the ventilation cabinet interior purification data deformation and timing cleaning pipes, appearance and internal planning also need to think, so that the planning of the Fume Hood more scientific and rational, there are necessary factors to think as follows: Fume Hood exhaust equipment should be used Slit-type exhaust device to ensure that the discharge of toxic gases will not affect the scientific research personnel are being tested and accurately through the ventilation purification of the discharge pipe, the best purifying effect of the Fume Hood.
In the laboratory equipment Fume Hood, its main intention is to exhaust, improve the environment and so on. And we all know that each laboratory will be exposed to harmful gases, this time if these temperament without discharge, will form the safety of the pilot affected. Especially in some large-scale test process, you must as a variety of protective fault, to prevent the formation of personal damage. Then the Fume Hood planning is reasonable, and its exhaust effect is also very good, but in order to allow the Fume Hood to play the biggest advantage, we need to pay attention to the use of Fume Hood in the operation method, the rational operation of the use of Fume Hood , Can completely improve the laboratory environment.
Xiaobian to introduce the following Fume Hood in the use of attention to some of the problems.
1. First of all, in the large or special test, we must be the operation of the Fume Hood window to prevent a variety of harmful gases out of the room, and the expansion can also allow us to better operate the entire test.
2. After the use of the Fume Hood, many people will immediately shut down, in fact, this will also damage the Fume Hood, and there may be caused by harmful gas reflux, preferably after the completion of the test, and a few minutes in the closed, Useful completely clean the harmful gas.
3. Fume Hood in the use of the process, will inevitably come into contact with a variety of strong acid and alkali gas, so in the course of the application, we need to regularly clean the Fume Hood, the use of gentle cleaning agent will be attached to the Fume Hood above Harmful substances are clean and clean, preventing these harmful substances from causing damage to the Fume Hood.
Because different laboratories have different characteristics, more and more consumers tend to customize the purchase of Fume Hoods, but there are many places to pay attention to customization, if the custom will bring a lot of unnecessary trouble. Small side to sum up everyone on the Fume Hood custom easy to exist errors.
The bigger the wind speed is, the better
Many consumers think that the wind speed on the surface of the fence is better, in fact, not. Once the surface wind speed of the Fume Hood increases, the size of the ventilation duct and the air conditioning equipment must also increase, not only increase the cost, but also make the difficulty of construction increased. And the increase in equipment will inevitably produce more noise and vibration during operation, noise reduction costs will inevitably increase. Often, as long as the Fume Hood surface of the custom can reach 5m / s is enough.
Give the designer
In fact, many designers are not so professional, often put several sets of programs at hand to change the size even if completed. However, the actual demands of different consumers are very different, such as whether the layout of the Fume Hood to give staff enough space, material performance can adapt to the laboratory operating environment, can not ensure that the laboratory to maintain negative pressure status The Therefore, consumers in the custom process, from product design to production and processing, installation and transportation, each link should be strict checks, in doubt to promptly contact with the manufacturers.