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How To Improve The Safety Of Lab Furniture

Oct 23, 2017

How to improve the safety of Lab Furniture
In the laboratory, the main function of Lab Furniture is to ensure the safety of the experimental environment, if the effect is good, can ensure that users and harmful gases isolated, but once the quality is not up to standard or the operation is not in accordance with the procedures, likely to cause serious hurt.
So how can we improve the safety of Lab Furniture?
1, Lab Furniture with a single-slit structure of the exhaust, can effectively discharge harmful gases.
2, select the streamlined handle, to ensure that there is a gap between the hand and the glass, so as to ensure that the air flow on the table rotation, and thus ensure effective exhaust.
3, the anti-off sales installed in the window, once the rope off the glass window fall, anti-drop can catch it, to prevent it bumps the laboratory staff.
4, the use of tempered glass glass window, even if the glass accidental damage or burst, there will be no casualties.
5, in the upper part of the Lab Furniture stomata, in the case of glass windows can also have access to the air, to avoid a greater negative pressure in the room.
6, the Lab Furniture shell selection of fire metal materials, the cavity is used against the special board or stainless steel plate and other flame retardant or non-combustible materials, the table is the use of solid core physical and chemical plate or stainless steel plate, whichever anti- The advantages of fire and heat.
7, the effective height of the glass window to reach 800 mm, cavity 1200 mm, the table height of 800 mm, in line with the human body engineering, easy operation, high security.
8, in the nozzle and gas nozzle on the set of long-distance manipulation of the handle, making the operation more simple and safe.
 Many laboratories that as long as the purchase of Lab Furniture on the foolproof, it will be able to protect the security, in fact, not. Any product has the quality of the merits of the points, the quality of the product, although the appearance of the product looks like no big difference, but can not fundamentally play the product effect.
Poor Lab Furniture is completely unable to let the laboratory meet the ventilation requirements, and its role is very small, not even. The purchase of poor quality Lab Furniture, even more than the harm is not much to buy. Imagine if a laboratory is not equipped with Lab Furniture. We have the slightest alertness, knowing that we need to be careful in the course of the experiment, beware of security. But after the purchase of substandard Lab Furniture, not only can not achieve the effect of laboratory ventilation, but also make our hearts have a sense of confusion, that the security facilities in place, is not a problem, so prone to some paralysis The effect of the act, resulting in unnecessary mistakes, which brings greater harm. So do not buy, to buy to buy quality to qualify.
Due to the limitations of many laboratories, it is impossible to purchase high quality Lab Furniture. At this time we need to choose according to their actual situation, different products for analysis and comparison, do not have to buy high prices of products, and you can choose cost-effective products, features and powerful prices and affordable, as the laboratory faithful Small guardian.
In order to combat the production of fake and shoddy Lab Furniture manufacturers, the relevant state departments have also introduced a lot of laws and regulations, unscrupulous businesses to carry out strong protection for consumers to buy safe and secure products to provide a guarantee.