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How To Reduce Laboratory Noise

Jul 02, 2020



  A lot of holes in the sound attenuation are made of sound-absorbing porous materials, and the sound will be absorbed by the propagation of the porous material to reduce the noise.

   2. Shockproof pad

  The anti-vibration pad is made of butyl rubber, which can absorb shock. When installing the fan, place the anti-vibration pad under the fan to reduce the noise.

   3. Exhaust pipe

   The thickness of the exhaust pipe can affect the noise of the air pipe. The sound vibrates in the pipe to generate noise. The sound of the thick pipe vibration is consumed more than the thin one, so the thicker pipe can provide better ventilation effect than the thin one.

   4. Frequency conversion system

The frequency conversion system can control the start of the laboratory fume hood, so that when only two are working, all the fume hoods must be started. This is noisy and does not save energy. The frequency conversion system manages each Start up, use one to start one, not only reduces noise, but also saves energy.

   5. Elbow

   Connect the elbow at the air duct. The noise is refracted and absorbed through the elbow, which will be attenuated, which helps to reduce the noise.

  The comprehensive use of the above aspects can effectively reduce laboratory noise. For any questions about laboratory construction, please consult Guangzhou Boka Laboratory System Technology Co., Ltd.