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How To Safely Use The Lab Safety Cabinet?

Nov 03, 2017

How to safely use the Lab Safety Cabinet?
Lab Safety Cabinets are the most common type of exhaust system, especially in chemical laboratories. Its advantages and disadvantages have a direct impact on the safety of staff. Of course, even a good Lab Safety Cabinet, if the operation is wrong, there will be problems. Therefore, in chemical experiments, experimental procedures and precautions are especially important. Therefore, the use of Lab Safety Cabinets today need to pay attention to do a brief introduction.
1, gently pull light lift, after the end of the experimental operation, promptly pull down and turn off the power;
2, equipped with air valve Lab Safety Cabinet, you should first open the air valve, and then open the fan;
3, Lab Safety Cabinets are generally divided into the row of Lab Safety Cabinets and pipe-free Lab Safety Cabinet. Pipe-free Lab Safety Cabinet is the use of activated carbon filter, the experimental operation of toxic gases directly adsorbed. The saturated filter is not properly adsorbed toxic gases, which can not achieve the protective effect. Therefore, after using a certain period of time to filter the saturated state of regular inspection. If it reaches the saturated state, it should promptly contact the product manufacturer to change it;
4, to maintain clean and tidy is the basic use. Especially in the use of non-pipeline Lab Safety Cabinet, to keep its acrylic transparent plate clean. Can not be linked to stickers and other objects to ensure that the clarity of sight. Of course, be sure to comply with the operating requirements of chemicals marked on the top right of the Lab Safety Cabinets, do not use unlisted chemicals. Generally no experimental operation, the experimental chemical reagents to be stored in the drug cabinet, the Lab Safety Cabinet can not be placed;
5, Lab Safety Cabinets began to run, it can not be moved, of course, can not head into the Lab Safety Cabinet for experimental operation, the staff should be away from the laboratory cabinets more than fifteen centimeters. At the same time in the Lab Safety Cabinet can not be surrounded by other equipment, the surrounding space should be as spacious and comfortable to ensure that it can operate normally, excluding toxic gases. Otherwise it will result in non-uniform airflow, can not rule out toxic gases, and outdoor fresh air will not be able to enter the laboratory for circulation.
In summary, only the correct and safe use of Lab Safety Cabinet, it will fully highlight its advantages in order to better improve the laboratory environment in order to improve work efficiency.
For scientists engaged in scientific research, chemical laboratories are equivalent to their second "home." The environment in which the experimenters doing their homework is very important to them is that they need to get rid of the disturbance of the outside world and think about the content of the experiment thoughtfully. This "home" is their long stay in the local, home address, but also the home is not so safe, often give the tester a safety hazard. For example, the test gas leaks, resulting in the inhalation of toxic substances. Or gas in the air and gas chemicals attack, resulting in blasting. Gas is non-shape, not visible to the naked eye, activity and air, Lab Safety Cabinets presented to the chemical test to bring security to ensure.
Speaking of Lab Safety Cabinets may be a lot of people do not know, it had its other name is fume hood, it is a chemical laboratory commonly used in exhaust a large-scale equipment. Effect of Lab Safety Cabinets In order to prevent the toxic gases in the air from entering the laboratory body. Cooperative glove box can be completely obstructed. After the chemical test fails, some toxic gas present in the air, dust not visible to the naked eye, and toxic chemical fumes can all be effectively removed by the Lab Safety Cabinet to maintain the safety of the experimenter.