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How To Use A Fume Hood To Extend Its Service Life?

Nov 14, 2018

Before we talked about the maintenance method of the test bench for everyone, today we have a large equipment fume hood in the laboratory, let's talk about the maintenance method of the fume hood.

Before the experiment begins, it must be confirmed that the fume hood should be in operation for the experimental operation.

At least 5 minutes or more before the end of the experiment, the ventilator can be turned off to drain the residual gas in the pipeline. Also consider installing an exhaust time delay to ensure that the fan is delayed.



The effectiveness of the laboratory fume hood is not only properly designed, but also has a lot to do with proper use and maintenance. Therefore, the following points should be noted:

(1) In the course of the experiment, the experimental device for generating harmful substances shall be placed at a place where the operating port of the cabinet of the fume hood is greater than 150 MM to prevent the spillage of harmful substances;

(2) The experimental device of the fume hood should not obscure the exhaust slit;

(3) After the experiment is completed, the fan should not be turned off immediately, and it takes 3 to 5 minutes to turn off;

(4) The fume hood should not be used as a storage cabinet;

(5) The inside of the fume hood should always keep the inner surface of the cabinet clean and sealed. It should be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned regularly. If it is damaged, it must be repaired in time;

(6) Fans, ducts and related accessories shall be regularly inspected.

The above points are about the maintenance rules of the laboratory fume hood. Strengthening the maintenance of the experimental equipment is the awareness of the daily laboratory.

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