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In The 40 Years Of Reform And Opening Up, The Innovation Of The Instrumentation Industry Has Changed Dramatically.

Jan 03, 2019

In the past 40 years, China’s economy has been in full swing, and the society has ushered in a new look. In the past 40 years, the Chinese have experienced a profound social change in person, which is prosperous because of reform and opening up, and is strong because of reform and opening up. Our BOKA also responded to the country's call, keeping up with the times, constantly innovating and reforming, and has achieved many impressive results.

Throughout the field of science and technology, China's space technology has made great progress, and the number of spacecraft launches is second only to the United States. The "Shenzhou V" manned spacecraft was successfully launched, and more astronauts' dreams of fulfilling the sky were realized one by one. On the third day of landing on the moon, China became the third country after the United States and Russia to implement a soft landing on the surface of the moon. The world's first Mozi quantum science experimental satellite was successfully developed, and China's quantum technology is leading the world. The innovative development of the domestic large aircraft C919 marks a historic breakthrough for the Chinese aviation industry. A major scientific and technological achievement has swarmed, which is the inevitable result of open innovation.

In the past 40 years, China’s development has made the people of the country feel shocked and proud, and at the same time, the world’s people are all eye-catching. To achieve such remarkable achievements, benefit from reform and opening up, and the key to reform and opening up is innovation.

Innovation is the inexhaustible motive force for the country to thrive. After years of development, China's instrumentation industry has also ushered in a new development period. Some products are close to or reach the international first-class technology and level, and domestically produced instruments with independent intellectual property rights have risen in the market. The data shows that in 2017, China's instrumentation manufacturing revenue was 999.50 billion yuan, and the output value increased by 2.60% year-on-year; the total profit was 869.10 billion yuan, and the profit increased by 9.97%.

From the perspective of subdivision, scientific instruments involve more industry classifications and the demand is gradually increasing. Under the vigorous promotion of the implementation of the new environmental protection policy, the demand for water, gas, soil and solid waste detection has been comprehensively improved, and the demand for environmental monitoring instrument industry has grown rapidly. As the largest industry, the scale of automated instrument revenue continues to rise, accounting for 36%.

On the other hand, with the construction of national laboratories, large scientific devices, and large-scale instrument sharing platforms, the market for laboratory analytical instruments surged. In the first half of the year, the revenue of experimental analytical instruments increased by 9.3% year-on-year and profit increased by 18.8%. At the same time, under the steady advancement of the strategy of healthy and powerful countries and science and technology, the fields of life sciences and new energy development and development, optical instruments, microscopes, sensors, robots and other instruments are in strong demand, and the market is expected in the future.

In the 40 years of spring rain and spring and autumn, it can be said that party members and cadres have fully played the role of vanguard and exemplary, and have established a strong sense of reform and innovation. In the instrumentation industry, there are also a number of “wind vane” for industry reform and innovation. Shanghai Spectrum, Concentration Technology, Jiangsu Tianrui, Shanghai Peiou, Qingdao Shengyu, Xianhe Environmental Protection and other high-quality enterprises have set their sights as pioneers and set a benchmark for the development of the industry. High-end products such as atomic absorption spectrometer, atomic fluorescence spectrometer, Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, chromatograph, mass spectrometer and other scientific instruments have been introduced one after another. The recognition and acceptance of products in the domestic and international markets have been increasing day by day, going abroad and going global.

The reform does not stop, and the opening does not stop. In the face of the complicated international situation and the harsh development of the industry, BOKA still needs to base itself on its actual situation, seize the opportunity, grasp the initiative, and constantly try and innovate. While improving itself, it also strives to develop steadily. There is no end to innovation. In the new round of competition, only innovators win.