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Introduction To The Chemical Analysis Room Management System

Sep 27, 2018

Today BOKA introduces you to the chemical analysis room management system. Each laboratory has some corresponding management rules and regulations to ensure the normal operation of the laboratory and laboratory maintenance, which is also very beneficial for the experimental personnel.

The laboratory is an important place for testing work and learning. The safe and orderly management of the laboratory is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of the experimental work.

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1 Scope

Suitable for metal materials in chemical analysis laboratories. Anyone who enters the laboratory must comply with the relevant requirements of the laboratory.

2, content and requirements

1. The laboratory staff work and study on time, no late to leave early, work time 8:20-12:00 am, 13:00-17:00 pm.

2. Laboratory staff and personnel participating in the experiment must carefully study the safety technical operation procedures of the experimental instruments, and be familiar with the methods and precautions for each instrument.

3. All medicines and reagents have designated positions. Drugs and reagents should be placed in the designated position after use and purchase, and recorded in the laboratory computer “Drug List”.

4. All kinds of drugs and reagents should have correct and clear labels, including name, concentration, specifications, etc., and use them according to the correct method.

5. The laboratory should keep the lighting well, the light is sufficient, the floor is free of paper dust, no water, no dirt, and the daily personnel are responsible for cleaning, dumping the trash can and empty bottles.

6. After the experiment is completed, it should be cleaned and cleaned immediately. The instrument will be cleaned, the glass instrument will be placed in an oven to dry, and the material will be returned to the original place. The test bench and the fume hood will be cleaned.

7. The experiment should strictly abide by the operating procedures of the equipment and equipment, carefully observe and analyze the phenomenon, and record the experimental data truthfully for easy reference. 8. Items not related to the experiment shall not be brought into the laboratory, and the laboratory items shall not be taken out without permission. If there is special need, it shall be approved.

9. The laboratory equipment is cleaned and quarantined. Check whether the experimental equipment is working normally. There is no dust spider web and dirt. For the easy-to-break and fragile instruments such as measuring cylinders and beakers, the quantity should be counted and the scrap amount should be reported. According to the counting result, Damaged or missing instruments and drugs for repair, timely purchase.

10. It is forbidden to play in the lab, play cards, smoke and drink.

11 The person who leaves the room at the end of the day is responsible for checking the closure of water, electricity, gas, windows, doors and other related facilities, and confirms that the safety is correct before leaving the room. Personnel in each room before the holiday should be inspected to ensure the safety of the laboratory.

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