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Is Laboratory Planning Really Important?

Jul 30, 2018

The laboratory building is a large system and environment built by a dozen professional subsystems. It is not a simple combination of architecture, instrumentation and furniture. Before the experimental building begins to design and build, it is necessary to complete the research, planning, and design of the laboratory in advance. Is the planning and design of the laboratory really important? Below is the BOKA laboratory design company to popularize the knowledge points for everyone:


It can be seen that the laboratory is different from the general place. It is a place for conducting tests that may cause harm to people, especially those engaged in research on acute infectious diseases such as microorganisms and viruses that are highly contagious to humans and animals, and public health emergencies ( The safety of its laboratory is critical, as is the case with counter-terrorism and testing (such as SARS). If the preventive measures are not effective, it will cause infection of laboratory workers, and the spread of infectious toxicants will cause the society to spread, causing widespread environmental pollution and the spread of infectious diseases, and may even lead to biological disasters. For general physical and chemical and instrument laboratories, although not so dangerous, but also must follow the technical characteristics of the experimental discipline during construction, fully consider the experimental space, experimental equipment, ventilation system, water supply, power distribution, instrument grounding, labor protection And the appropriate design and configuration of the infrastructure such as the corresponding office facilities.


Laboratory construction is different from ordinary construction projects. It has the characteristics of comprehensiveness, professionalism and systemicity. It must be unified planning and design, and centralized construction, in order to better control project risks from the source of organizational management. Ensure the quality, progress and risk control of the project construction, as well as the requirements for use in scientific research and testing after completion. The international standard of professional modern laboratory planning and design is of paramount importance to a successful modern laboratory building.


The first element of a qualified laboratory is to ensure the accuracy of its experimental results. Secondly, the safety of the experimenter, the external environment and the equipment must be reliably guaranteed, and the scientific arrangement and rational use of the infrastructure are both One aspect has a direct impact, and these factors are also one of the must-checks for laboratory accreditation and certification. The construction of laboratory facilities in China is in the stage of rapid development towards modernization. It requires the planning and design of experimental facilities to propose solutions and process designs that are both practical and profound.