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Key Points In The Construction Of Genetic Testing Laboratories

Aug 20, 2018

1. Genetic testing laboratory layout design

The flow of people through the dedicated clean corridor and buffer room enters and exits each function room. The buffer door locks are interlocking structures to ensure the isolation between the environment of each room and the external environment. The reagent enters the sample preparation chamber from the buffer window of the reagent preparation room, and the sample is subjected to gene extraction operation in the sample preparation room, and enters the gene amplification chamber through the buffer window for gene amplification, and the fluorescent quantitative PCR product can directly analyze the result, and the common PCR product needs Enter the product analysis room for product analysis. The waste after the amplification analysis, that is, the sewage flow directly enters the hazardous waste sterilization room through the buffer window, and is harmlessly treated according to the medical waste standard.

The air pressure of each functional area is designed in strict accordance with the standard PCR laboratory construction plan. The room is positive pressure environment before gene amplification, and the negative pressure environment is indoor after gene amplification. UV lamps are placed on top of the laboratory and buffer room for disinfection.


2, equipment, reagent supplies procurement

Genetic testing laboratory equipment and reagent consumables procurement are determined according to the project to be carried out by the laboratory. The main projects of this laboratory are animal-derived analysis, genetically modified plant identification and rapid identification of microbial pathogens.

3. Laboratory acceptance and equipment debugging

The genetic testing laboratory is designed as a fully enclosed space. The surrounding and upper layers of the space are colored steel plates. The filling is flame retardant. The main body is dull white. The door and window glass is ordinary glass. To prevent deposition of dust, the window material is R25MM aluminum alloy. Arc pressure line.

The inner side of all two-dimensional joints is made of R50MM aluminum alloy fillet, and the outer side of the exposed two-dimensional connecting line is connected with R100MM aluminum alloy outer corner; the three-dimensional joint of color steel plate uses three-dimensional joint excessive, and color steel plate and corner ground Then connect with aluminum alloy tank.

The ceiling material is also a color steel plate, and the floor is made of epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of no gap, corrosion resistance, smoothness and easy cleaning. The ground floor line is decorated with an angled aluminum, which is beautiful and rigorous. Sterile surfaces that are strong, seamless, smooth, beautiful, non-reflective, dust-free, rust-free, moisture-proof, anti-bacterial, and excellent in performance should be formed throughout the laboratory. The entrance to the genetic testing laboratory is equipped with access control and real-time cameras to effectively control the entry of unauthorized personnel.