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Key Points In The Planning And Management Of Chemical Laboratories

Aug 27, 2018

First, the form of the chemical laboratory

(1) Small space form The laboratory with standard modulus as the basic unit, suitable for research laboratories, can provide researchers with a quiet working environment. The disadvantage is that the contact and mutual understanding between the researchers in each room is not as good as the mutual understanding. Space laboratory is convenient.

(2) Medium or large space form, which is a large room composed of multiple basic units. This large space is not suitable for some research laboratories because of mutual interference.

(3) A large space with a partition, which uses a partition wall to even divide a large room into small spaces with a fume hood or other auxiliary experimental furniture, so this form is actually in between the above two forms. a compromise between forms. This form is conducive to the use of space, enhances the interrelationship among researchers, and has the advantages of convenient pipeline installation and easy management.

(4) The flexible space form can generally be considered from the following aspects: load-bearing partition walls, especially cross-walls, hope to be as small as possible, if possible, frame structure is more advantageous; floor design The load should be determined according to the specific conditions, but it should not be taken low, and the fixed test bench should be set as low as possible. Even the fixed test bench should be designed to be composed of standard-scale prefabricated components to facilitate re-assembly. Pipeline maintenance wells should be adequately configured to avoid opening holes in the floor in the future. Flexible space, in two forms. The first is a flexible space with a moving partition wall. This kind of movable partition wall has a special structure, which is convenient for assembly and disassembly, but the pipeline along the wall must be clearly applied. At the same time, the pipe network system must have great flexibility, otherwise the superiority of the movable partition wall is not prominent, because the change of the non-load-bearing partition wall is usually easier, and the pipeline change is more difficult. The second is a general flexible space. This is a large space. From the flat top, the wires and the service supply hose can be led down. The ground can be connected to the sewer pipe, so the test bench with the water basin and the fume hood are movable.