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Lab Design Is Easily Overlooked

Apr 03, 2019

Purification laboratory air-conditioning fire prevention, structural engineers, anti-theft, and weak links that are easily overlooked, construction units, design units, laboratory design units, and equipment production and development units must consider the above issues, reducing the actual use Take remedies and troubles that cannot be remedied.

Laboratory area and instrument placement problem Before the construction of the laboratory, the instrument position should be determined according to the workflow of the laboratory, and the position of the instrument power supply and technical specification interface should be planned. According to the number of instruments and the position of the instrument, the required area of each area is determined, and the laboratory is divided and the space is effectively utilized. When the instrument is placed in convenient operation, the ground bearing problem should also be considered. The instrument manufacturer should provide the instrument weight data and consult the construction party drainage system. The bidding for the equipment procurement in this room has been completed before the pure water treatment construction. The design of each instrument is accurate and accurate. The power lines and network cables on the ground are exposed, and the design scheme is extremely short, which is safe and beautiful and saves space.

Laboratory power supply design The laboratory is equipped with a high-power uninterruptible power supply to protect all the equipment in the laboratory. Each device is separately protected by power, which is difficult to maintain and wastes space. According to the laboratory equipment, determine the power and current parameters of the uninterruptible power supply. It should be noted that the choice of uninterruptible power supply should reserve enough space for the laboratory development. It is recommended that the load power should be more than twice the total power of the existing instrument. The electric plug can be designed on the wall or the ground according to the needs. The ground plug should be waterproof to a certain extent. The position of the electric plug should be close to the power supply instrument, and the ground wiring can be reduced to make the laboratory more tidy. Due to the uninterrupted power supply cooling and noise, the laboratory plans to install an independent power supply room at the rear and install a special drain pipe in the room.

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