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Lab Furniture: Lab Furniture Classification And Characteristics

Jun 15, 2017

Lab Furniture: Lab Furniture classification and characteristics

Lab Furniture can usually be divided into: laboratory equipment and Lab Furniture. Experimental equipment generally refers to the laboratory equipment and decoration equipment, Lab Furniture can be divided into Taiwan and cabinets. Taiwan from the functional point of view can be divided into: the central station, side Taiwan, instrument Taiwan, day platform, high temperature Taiwan, and from the material structure can be divided into: steel structure, all wood structure, all steel structure, Structure, etc .; Taiwan class from the function can be divided into: fume hood, drug cabinets, drug cabinets, containers counters, reagent cabinets, wardrobe, biological safety cabinets and so on.

    Are generally based on economic conditions, the use of requirements and geographical environment and other factors to select these laboratory equipment.

    Lab Furniture popular said that the laboratory is dedicated furniture. With the deepening of reform and opening up and economic development, the needs of national inspection agencies and corporate research and development awareness and development.

    Its main features are: the main material to acid and alkali, high temperature, Taiwan have a certain load-bearing requirements, hardware also has corrosion-resistant and durable features, faucets and other hardware accessories and the general civilian difference. Early to the whole wood structure, and later appeared in the aluminum structure, steel structure, all steel structure, the whole PP material and so on. At present, the market awareness is relatively high, mainly steel structure and all-steel structure.

    In the mid-1990s, Jiangsu Yixing and Shenzhen, Guangdong, the first to appear as a professional company, which Guangdong to Shenzhen, the United States and Canada, Panyu Raymond and other early with a certain size and visibility. As the industry to enter the low threshold, low technical content, the staff flow, and the potential customers are relatively wide, just a few years there have been a number of professional companies, especially in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Beijing The

    Lab Furniture development so far, there is no industry standards, are generally referred to or cited foreign and similar products standards. China's many ministries (Ministry of Chemical Industry, Ministry of Construction, etc.) out of different periods of different versions of the standard.