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Lab Safety Cabinet In The Use Of Safety To Pay Attention To What?

Aug 01, 2017

Lab Safety Cabinet in the use of safety to pay attention to what?
Lab Safety Cabinet are indispensable equipment in the laboratory, it can ensure that the room has a good with the G, and to avoid the staff inhaled some harmful impurities, the past, the number of Lab Safety Cabinet used only in the particularly harmful and dangerous Gas and produce a lot of heat in the use of the experiment, but we should also pay attention to safety, before the start of the test, we must ensure that the Lab Safety Cabinet in the running state, began to test, the experimental technology will continue to ventilate at least 5 minutes to ensure that the pipeline to remove the remaining gas, the test equipment to ensure that 150mm equipment should not put any equipment to ensure good air circulation, in front of the use of the window to be closed.
In addition to the above security issues, there are some problems that must be taken into account when used.
1, in order to more effectively eliminate harmful gases, Lab Safety Cabinet with a single-style exhaust structure, for better testing to provide a guarantee.
2, in our experiments sometimes there will be a glass window accidental fall, resulting in a lot of people accidental injury, in order to avoid such an accident occurred in recent years, the laboratory set up a window to prevent the fall, so even if there was accidental fall Of the situation, anti-drop will catch.
3, the Lab Safety Cabinet glass window is used in the glass, when the glass accidental explosion or crash, there is no personnel injuries.
4, water valve, gas nozzle cabinet peripherals remote operation of the handle, than the direct operation by hand more secure and reliable.
5, the ventilation shell is a metal material, so there is no incendiary effect, the cavity is also non-combustible anti-times board, so that we use the equipment more secure and assured, the table selection of solid core physical and chemical plate or stainless steel plate material, this Materials with anti-acid, heat, flame retardant effect.
 Lab Safety Cabinet use effect is good or bad, in addition to the correct design, but also with the reasonable use and maintenance have a great relationship, it should note the following:
1, in the experimental process, the production of harmful substances in the experimental device should be placed in the laboratory cabinet operating cabinet cabinet mouth is greater than 150MM place to prevent harmful substances overflow;
2, Lab Safety Cabinet experimental device should not block the exhaust slit;
3, after the completion of the experiment, should not immediately shut down the fan, to be 3 to 5 minutes after the closure;
4, Lab Safety Cabinet should not be used as a storage cabinet;
5, Lab Safety Cabinet should always keep the cabinet inside the surface smooth and closed, to regularly clean and clean thoroughly, if damaged, to be timely maintenance;
6, ventilators, ducts and related accessories, should be regularly overhaul;
7, from time to time, the need for a Lab Safety Cabinet to be measured and adjusted; the use of Lab Safety Cabinet in the design case to run;
Lab Safety Cabinet have their own unique requirements for the temperature of the working environment. In particular, it is important to note that in the laboratory for some experiments, due to the different types of experiments, so the requirements for the experiment will be different in the working environment temperature is very different, if the working environment temperature Too high, will damage the surface of the Lab Safety Cabinet, so that directly reduce the life of the Lab Safety Cabinet, so to control the working environment of the temperature.
In order to avoid the phenomenon of Lab Safety Cabinet in high temperature environment, before the high temperature test, we must understand the Lab Safety Cabinet production of raw materials and the melting point of this material size, the Lab Safety Cabinet has a rough Know, then in the experiment when the attention will be.