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Lab Top Designers Describe How To Prevent Labs

Apr 23, 2018

I. Raising awareness and formulating technical specifications        Laboratory designers said that laboratories need to further improve their understanding of the problem of laboratory environmental pollution. They cannot avoid and listen to it. Instead, they should actively explore and try to reduce laboratory pollution based on the characteristics and priorities of the work of the laboratory. The relevant state agencies should also carefully study the characteristics of pollution and the ways of prevention and control of laboratories, and put forward strong, simple and practical technical specifications, and issue corresponding assessment requirements and methods. It is best to be integrated into the construction and acceptance of laboratories so as to become part of the capacity building, which will facilitate the implementation of laboratory pollution prevention and control measures.        Second, establish a laboratory environmental management system        The laboratory must also establish a complete laboratory environmental management system at the same time as capacity building and quality management. In accordance with the concept and requirements of ISO14001 environmental management system, comprehensively examine all aspects of experimental analysis, formulate corresponding program documents, standardize laboratory environmental behavior, and fully implement the basic requirements for pollution prevention and continuous improvement that have been consistently emphasized by ISO14001, and strive to reduce each one. The environmental impact of the process, so as to continuously improve the level of laboratory management.

Third, the full implementation of green chemistry, cleaning experiments        There are obvious environmental pollution in the laboratories, and the relevant departments of the state must improve the management system, study the solutions, take effective measures, and try to avoid the three-waste pollution in the laboratory. Government departments should also provide funding and policy support, establish a comprehensive and systematic governance program, gradually implement it, adopt appropriate methods to properly handle waste, and strive to solve the problem.