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Laboratory Design Adheres To Safety, Environmental Protection And Energy Conservation

Aug 11, 2018

As a place with a large number of potential security threats, the laboratory needs to design the safety of the laboratory throughout the process design, and implant the safety roots from safety facilities, material and equipment materials, material equipment selection, and functional system safety factor. In addition to laboratory design fire protection, the safety design also includes instrument safety, reagent safety, and experimental environmental safety. The core is to achieve personnel safety and health, common laboratory safety accidents such as room explosion, instrument explosion, dangerous reagent leakage, brain tumor, Leukemia and so on. Accidents that have occurred are only the tip of the iceberg, and most security threats are not recognized or often overlooked.


The green laboratory has always been the goal pursued by international professional laboratory construction, and the relevant national authorities have become stricter on environmental protection supervision. Environmentally friendly design includes treatment of wastewater, waste gas, solid waste, and the like. The laboratory wastewater and waste gas are complex in composition, containing various components such as acid, alkaline, organic, inorganic, and biological. The various components are randomly discharged in time and space, and high requirements are imposed on the corresponding treatment medium.

Compared with ordinary civil buildings, the laboratory is a large energy consumer. Therefore, the design of energy-saving design in the laboratory is very important and the effect is very obvious. There is a widespread waste of energy in the laboratory, and various measures can be taken to reduce energy consumption. In addition to the common energy consumption phenomena and corresponding solutions that are easy to find in the laboratory design, there are also a large number of hidden energy consumption phenomena that have not received attention, as well as other energy-saving measures that can be utilized, such as photovoltaic cells, solar hot water, and Wall insulation, ground source heat pump, energy-saving model selection of experimental equipment, and energy-saving operation training for experimental personnel.


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