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Laboratory Design Standards

Jun 08, 2018

In recent years, the laboratory design has been inspected. The safety of agricultural products has always been an important aspect of the community's extensive attention. The issue of agricultural product safety is directly related to people's clothing, food, housing and transportation - food safety, apparel fabric safety and so on. In view of the new situations and new problems that have arisen in the field of agricultural product safety, the state has further intensified its quality supervision measures, supported by various levels of agricultural products inspection laboratories, and the role of agricultural product testing laboratories has become more widespread.

   Microbial limit test method is included in the first and second parts of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. It is used to check the non-sterile preparations and their raw materials and auxiliary materials in the national drug standards. The microbiological testing room should be in accordance with the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and international and domestic Standards and regulations for design, configuration and maintenance. This article puts forward requirements from the design principles, design requirements, equipment and equipment configuration, use, operation and maintenance management of the laboratory, and strengthens the standardized management of the microbiological laboratory.

First, the modular design of Clinical Laboratory of Clinical Laboratory


   Clinical testing, also called "conventional testing", is a narrow clinical test. Although it involves biochemical, hematological, microbiological, immunological, and transfusion related test items, it is only frequently used in clinical applications. This article will discuss in detail the modular design of Clinical Laboratory of Clinical Laboratory, mainly from the equipment, design requirements, case analysis, for reference.

Second, clinical laboratory laboratory set up necessary instruments

   Due to the different scales, inspection quantities, and focus of inspection projects of each hospital, the number and types of instruments and equipment provided are quite different. The number of instruments and equipment necessary for the clinical laboratory in the secondary and tertiary hospital clinical laboratory are summarized here. Some clinical laboratory departments are also equipped with sperm image analysis workstations, dry chemistry analyzers, and Changfeng electric constant temperature water baths. Ultrasonic cleaning machines and other instruments.

The construction of agricultural product inspection laboratory is a complex system project. [volab] Based on ten years of experience in laboratory decoration design, combined with the problems in the current construction process of agricultural products laboratory, briefly introduce the construction of agricultural product testing laboratory.

III. Matters Concerned with the Design Standards of Laboratory Laboratories

1. The protection of laboratory personnel, laboratory equipment and the surrounding environment is one of the important principles that agricultural product testing laboratories must pay attention to.

2. The rational use of resources and energy conservation in agricultural product testing laboratories are also principles to be observed.

3. The professionalism of laboratory personnel, the completeness and precision of laboratory equipment are all indispensable parts for ensuring the accuracy of test results.