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Laboratory Fume Hoods Need To Be Regularly Measured And Adjusted

Apr 24, 2018

Laboratory fume hoods play a decisive role in the laboratory, because it is related to whether the environment in the laboratory is damaged, the health of laboratory personnel, and so on. So usually during the experiment, some chemical experiments may lead to the appearance of some dust and harmful gases. Even if we do a good job of protection, it will cause different harm to the human body. At the same time, a lot of laboratory equipment will be stored in the laboratory. Some experimental equipment is very precise and of high value. If these harmful gases are in the laboratory for a long time, they will also cause varying degrees of damage to these devices.

     Therefore, the use of laboratory fume hoods has changed the environment of the laboratory very well. It also ensures that the experimental environment is not affected. The current laboratory fume hood is also more complete in design. We can select the speed of ventilation according to the size of the experiment during the experiment. This can also reduce the cost of use and save resources.

However, when using fume hoods, we must rationally use them. In particular, we must regularly measure and adjust the fume hoods so that the fume hoods can operate under normal conditions. Secondly, the fume hoods are exposed to harmful gases for a long period of time. Therefore, we must regularly clean the laboratory fume hoods during use to ensure that the interior of the cabinets is clean. This can extend the useful life of the fume hoods and ensure the safety of the fume hoods. normal work.