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Laboratory Of Electricity And Lighting

Feb 17, 2017

1, each laboratory must have three-phase AC power supply and single-phase AC power, to set the main power switch, when lab when no one else should be able to cut off the indoor power.

2, interior fixtures, electrical equipment, such as ovens, incubators, refrigerators and so on, if you are using these devices in experimental, ceased to be used as and when results of experiments, can be used continuously in the lab on the main power supply; if the test still has to run after the end, it would have a dedicated power supply, not to cut off the main power supply and the impact of their laboratory work.

3, each bench to set a certain number of power outlet, you must have at least a three-phase socket, single phase Sockets can be set to 2-4. These outlet switches control equipment and insurance, just in case the whole interior short-circuited without affect the normal power supply. Sockets can be set on a table or on the edge of the table, but should be kept away from water and gas, such as hydrogen gas nozzle does not affect placement and operation status of the instrument on the table. Laboratory of socket outlets installed in the table below or within the Cabinet, this location is very convenient in use, not using any at all.

4, on the walls of the laboratory, combined with laboratory desk, fume hood, oven and other arrangements in the appropriate position you want to install multiple single-phase and three-phase socket, these sockets are generally playing corner above, a convenient principle.

5, chemical lab for corrosive gas, mix some wires to use copper wire than the right. Physics Laboratory you can using aluminum conductors. As for wire, pipe laying ideal dark, dark laid not only protects the wires, and room clean and tidy, not easy to dust and make maintenance easy to replace.